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Arrrgh to Z Wall Decals

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If your kid’s bedroom walls could talk, they’d probably say something along the lines of, “We’re naked, please dress us!” Well, if you feel the embarrassment of those undressed walls as we do, let the dressing begin with these Arrrgh to Z fabric wall decals from British company, Chocovenyl.

These decals adhere to almost any surface and while the kids might paint or draw on the walls, these decals won’t ever damage them because they simply peel off when you want them to (we hear you celebrating). Plus, they’re repositionable so if you’re fed up with this kooky alphabet on one wall, just ‘em peel off and place them on another—it’s that simple.

But want to know the best part about these wall decals? Not only do they make the funkiest addition to your kid’s bedroom, but they’re also educational. After all, didn’t we all wonder how to spell the words ‘Hobgoblin’ or ‘Quasimodo’ at some point during our childhood? Admit it, you did.

And don’t be fooled by the Halloween-esque design either. These fun decals are perfect for all-year-round wackiness that’s a bit out of the ordinary and a little on the wild side.
Those bare naked walls will thank you for these.

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