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Art Book by Karen Salmansohn

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Hoping your child is the next Andy Warhol or Jackson Pollock? Well, before they embark on an artist’s life, get their eyes to feast on Karen Salmansohn’s book, aptly named–what else–but Art.

Unlike ordinary books that sometimes put kids to sleep, this book from the Petit Connoisseur collection will have your mini art aficionado enjoying fine artwork from a very early age (something you’ll definitely be able to brag about on playgroup or school pickups).

And not only will kids get a kick out of this book–you will too, because it’s brought to you by Karen Salmansohn, author of the book, How to Be Happy, Dammit. Combined with the creativity of illustrator Brian Stauffer, this surreal book will stretch your child’s imagination and take them into a kaleidoscopic world of fun.

Play on words is the theme here, with each page showcasing illustrations that match artwork in a peculiar yet smart way, such as the image of a doll with the name “Dali” spread across the page, or the scene of an orange van at a green traffic light under a starry sky in a painting titled “van Gogh.” Clever, right?

A fantastic book for kids in this post post-modernism age…or are we living in the metamodernism age? We can’t keep up!

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