Building a Zelda Nursery Link by Link

What’s your Zelda flavor? Whether you’re a Waker or a Majora’s Mask, every Zelda fan-fam that finds themselves with a little Link on the way needs to add a little (or a lot) of Hyrulian flavor to their nursery. As we always say, get ’em while they’re young. First, the walls. Cole Bradburn decided a […]

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Nerdy With Children Apparel is Here!

A lot has happened since Nerdy with Children started covering the online baby corner of the nerdverse. The biggest of all, however, is that we had some babies. Nick Veneris, co-founder of our site, welcomed his little guy Thaddeus in March. Jess Trebing, frequent contributer to NWC, followed a few months later with her daughter […]

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GI Joe 50th Anniversary Giveaway

  GI Joe turned 50 years old this past May. Hard to believe something that my dad knew as a teenager will still be relevant to my infant son. For me, Saturday mornings chomping down on a bowl of cereal, watching GI Joe back in the 80’s was the best life could get. I used […]

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How to Raise a Real-Life Spider-Man

When I was teaching 9th grade English, we used to study a unit on heroes. To kick it off, we usually talked about who our favorite hero was and why. After all this time and all the answers I’ve heard to the question, one kid’s hero still stands out in my mind. “Spiderman,” he said. […]

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How to Stop Worrying and Love the Catapult

Back before wars were fought with drones and bombs, only the cleverest of attackers would make it past high castle walls. Their weapon of choice? The good ol’ catapult. Throw whatever ya got in there (spears? Big rocks? cows?) and let ‘er rip. Sounds like it must have been a sight to see, I must […]

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5 Reasons Why ‘Baby Legs’ are Pretty Rad

Usually things kicking around the Internet with headlines like “Hollywood babies love them” aren’t really our thing, but this time we’ll let it slide. These baby legs (a.k.a. baby leggings or legwarmers) are just too friggin’ sweet to let the uber trendy kids have all the fun. As a matter of fact, I first saw […]

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5 Tips for Using Tablets With Kids

We live in an exciting time. I mean, I guess you could say that about any time ever. But really, now is a really neat time to be a kid. Technology is growing at a rapid pace, and our children will be the beneficiaries of a native technological literacy that we could only dream of. […]

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Play Kitchens that Cook Up Creativity

Thinking back to my own preschool days, I remember wanting to get there early so I could play with the most popular toy – the kid-sized kitchen. It was stocked with all of the pretend food, pots, pans and fake knives a four year old could dream of. Oddly, all of the kids in the […]

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Is ‘Diablo III’ Family-Friendly?

My husband sets his alarm two hours early every day. Is it so he can see the sunrise? No, although it is early enough to catch the first morning light. Is it to go for a jog? Nope. He sets his alarm early so he can play Diablo III before he has to go out […]

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How to Teach Kids About Weather

The weather’s been pretty strange lately. Snow in May? Heat waves in February? A drought in California? Frozen Great Lakes? Wherever you live, this year has probably been one of the most confusing weather years on record. Why not turn that confusion into a teachable moment for young ones? While they’re helping you dig out […]

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