Tabletop Intrigue With ‘Spy Alley’

If ‘Guess Who’ and ‘Monopoly’ had a baby that grew up to be a spy working for the CIA, it would be ‘Spy Alley.’ In this board game from Spy Alley Partners, LLP, players are assigned one of six spy identities and are then challenged to collect all of their spy gear and get to […]

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Eating Up ‘Where the Wild Things Are’

Ah, the kids’ book nostalgia canon. Of all the kids’ books that tug on your heart and bring the sound of Mom’s storytelling voice back, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ probably ranks pretty highly for most of us. At my baby shower, I got a lot of amazing gifts. I  mean, mega amazing. But the […]

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5 Mother’s Day Gifts For Nerdy Moms

PSA: Mother’s day is May 11th. That’s in like two weeks! But don’t panic, we had to do our shopping too, so we thought we’d spare you a little of the legwork and show off the awesomely nerdy stuff we found. Thanks for bringing us kicking and screaming into the world, Mommies! We love you! […]

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Amazing Spider-Man For Your Kids

We’re celebrating the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie with an awesome giveaway for lucky father and child t-shirt sponsored by TV Store Online. And moms, if you like the “mens” tee then you should enter as well. We’re just excited that they actually make good Spider-Man movies. The previous trilogy had us worried. Remember emo Peter […]

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What to Expect from the Simpsons LEGO Deal

A few months ago, we told you all the reasons why 2014 was going to be the year of the LEGO. As it turns out, we missed a major piece of this year’s LEGO domination: the Simpsons deal. Back in February, all of the LEGO hype came to a crescendo with the record-breaking LEGO Movie. […]


Put an Eyepatch on It

I think it’s time to explore all the reasons one might have to wear an eyepatch. While I don’t want to undermine the severity of any injury or condition that might necessitate one, we all must face facts: there’s little out there that communicates badassery better than the accessory of rogues everywhere. Let’s start with […]

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Shadowboxin’ Baby: Displaying Nerdy Collections

I’d really love to tell you that making a shadowbox that will impress and inspire is a quick and easy ordeal. Unfortunately, my first foray into shadowbox-making wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. As with most craft projects worth doing, it didn’t come easy. But don’t worry, there’s a shadowbox for every collection and skill level. […]

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Awesome Goonies For Kids Merchandise and Giveaway

With all the recent hype over the “confirmed” Goonies sequel we thought we’d have a little fun with a nostalgia giveaway thanks to our friends over at TV Store Online. They’re offering one winner an awesome Sloth Fratelli kid’s prize pack. A kid’s version of Sloth’s Superman shirt, along with a realistic Sloth mask.  To enter, all […]


Should You Use Cloth Wipes?

When my NWC boss Nick Veneris made his first contact with me after his son was born, he had one piece of advice for my daughter’s arrival in June: use cloth wipes. This little revelation was as cryptic to me as a recommendation to hide all the burritos or to only watch horror movies on […]

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That TARDIS is Everywhere

Before a few months ago, I wasn’t much into Dr. Who (please don’t throw stuff at me). You know what convinced me to finally sit down and give it a good try, besides the newer incarnation popping up in Netflix? All that blue TARDIS stuff everywhere all the time. That blue police call box is […]

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