Bleep Blorp: A Robot-Themed Nursery

When we were kids, I’m sure we all pretty much assumed robots would be outnumbering humans by now. As scary and awesome as that vision of the future might be, it just isn’t here yet. While I’m sure there are all kinds of highly educated individuals working day and night to bring us the robots […]

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The Honest Truth About Breastfeeding

My two and half week old son feeds, on average, every couple hours. My wife exclusively breastfeeds and her sessions can last up to an hour. Does this sound familiar? It wouldn’t have to us, because all those wonderful all-natural websites and our classes failed to mention the cons of breastfeeding. Matter a fact, the […]


The Nerdy World of Custom Lego Sets

I would absolutely love to call myself a LEGO enthusiast, but having just heard about custom LEGO sets, I’m pretty sure I have quite a ways to go. I’ve been faithfully visiting toy store shelves to see what’s new in licensed LEGOs (lots, by the way), but I had no idea that people made super […]

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Cuddle Up With These Fresh, Nerdy Throw Pillows

Ahhh, spring. We’re more than a week into the freshest and greenest season of the year, but with the kind of weather we’ve been having all some of us can really do is try and remember spring from last year. The other day, I thought I kinda saw some grass poking through the dirty snow, […]

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What Your Mug Cupboard Says About Your Family

Aside from a fridge, the mug cupboard is arguably the most important spot in the kitchen. Are your mugs perched precariously on top of each other, or are they in neat rows with the handles all facing the same way? If your mugs hang from hooks, don’t worry, that still counts. You can tell a […]

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How to Get Kids Into Puppetry

On March 21st, the world will welcome yet another (probably stupendously fantastic) Muppet movie, Muppets Most Wanted. This one promises to return to its lighthearted roots by making a film that’s less nostalgic and weepy than the last one, making it much more accessible for your kids. In short, it’s time to meet the Muppets […]

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Mana Pots for the Real World

Sometimes we all feel a little drained, especially this time of year. The sky is grey, it’s cold, and life is beating us down. How many more soccer practices and math homework worksheets until summer? Too many. That’s how many. What would a pixelated hero do in a situation like this? He’d find an inn, […]

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