Wes Anderson Style for Kids

You often hear that something “looks like a Wes Andereson movie” like it’s a bad thing. Well, I would argue that life would make a little more sense as a Wes Anderson movie. There’s just something about pastels and highly stylized symmetrical cinematography that makes me want to live in there forever. When I watch […]

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A Game of Thrones Nursery is Coming

You may not think that a show full of all of the things Game of Thrones is full of would be ripe for the picking in terms of nursery design ideas, but we’re determined. You may not want to use the Rains of Castamere as a lullaby, but a true fan wouldn’t let a little […]

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Why 2014 Will Be the Year of LEGO

It’s always a little baffling to see how far LEGO has come since we were kids. As if being the go-to building block for upwards of three generations isn’t enough, LEGO has recently been expanding very VERY far beyond the bricks. Marvel and DC licenses? Really good action games with IP’s like Harry Potter and […]

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Upcycled Computer Parts Combine Art and Function

If you think your computer is beautiful on the outside, you should see the inner workings. Tiny intricate metal paths criss-cross through fields of green, orange and blue. Tiny numbers and letters hint at the miniature universe trying to communicate with those who will listen. Nothing creates the visual impact of how infinitely small technology […]

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Nerdy Maternity Tees

There seem to be two types of maternity clothes styles: cover it up or scream it out loud. While ‘cover it up’ is probably appropriate most of the time, if we cared about appropriate we wouldn’t plunk down our hard earned cash on things like Batman wallets or Star Trek undies. Seriously, if we cared […]

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Great Gatsby Style for Kids

Not that I would entirely trust a source that pinned the 2012 book of the year onto Fifty Shades of Grey, but I’m over the moon about their choice for 2013: The Great Gatsby. Maybe you’re like me and you’ve loved Gatsby for years, or maybe you waited until this year to finally read what […]

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5 Ways to Have a Nerdy New Year’s Eve With the Kids

I’m going to be honest with you: while New Year’s Eve should be one of the most exciting nights of the year, just the thought of it exhausts me. In past years, NYE meant big crazy parties or the odd year camping on the street so we could wake up and watch the Rose Parade […]

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Nerdy ‘Night Before Christmas’

My grandma used to read “The Night Before Christmas” to me a few times every holiday season, usually at my impetuous demand. We both loved it, and I can still hear her voice reading it. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without it. It’s even been said that the poem by Clement Clarke Moore (which was […]

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How to Raise a Sushi-Lover

As a sushi-lover, I’ve encountered plenty of people who give me the ick face when I suggest we go out for sushi. “Raw fish?” they scoff. “Why would anyone eat that?” “Some of it is raw, sometimes,” I try and explain “but there’s a lot of cooked stuff too. And veggies!” I usually give up […]

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The Guardian Princesses Don’t Need Princes to Save Them

Once upon a time (in 1937, to be exact), the slender, perfect-skinned Snow White became the first Disney princess. Since then, Disney’s become much more than a household name. Little girls everywhere look to Disney princesses as models of femininity, but are we sure these are the women we want our girls to become? In […]

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