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Assorted Fruits and Veggies

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Why do children love these simple little dissectable fruits and veggies? For one reason, and one reason alone. All children long to feel like adults, and being given a sharp object is one of the most tangible markers of adulthood, at least to a child. Little do they know (or care), this “knife” doesn’t cut due to sharpness, but rather due to the ingenious design of these little velcro-ed fruits and veggies. As you push the knife down, the “cutting” motion feels real, giving your little rebel the sense that he is actually destroying something. Luckily, they fit easily back together, so he can go right back to doing what children do best–contributing to the entropy of the universe.

In all seriousness, these wooden veggies have loads of wonderful qualities. They are gorgeous wooden toys, they help your child learn basic vocabulary and life skills, they stimulate imaginative play… We all know it’s just really fun to cut things up, and that’s what your little rebel will enjoy about Petit Green’s fruit and veggie set. What you will love is peace and quiet that comes from an incredibly simple toy that can occupy your child quietly for hours at a time. Unless they have to share it–in which case, you’d better get one for everybody. Because nobody wants to share their blades.

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