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Attacknids Battle Bots

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I imagine that the job description for “robotics expert” includes an item on being young at heart. I say this because as a species, we love to create robots which in and of itself would be enough to make a case for robotics being a playful occupation. However, out of all the things we design these advanced machines for, whether it’s for manipulation, operation, or helping our fellow man, we always end up settling on one thing: we love to make our robots fight each other.

Bots have been battling since, well… since we created robotics. Depending on what you believe, they may have even been at war on distant planets long before our time. Whether or not you had the chance to battle robots as a kid, our offspring now have much more intricate toys than we had, and the Attacknids Battle Bots are no exception.

Attacknids are awesome remote-controlled crab-like robots that fight by shooting rubber disks at their opponent until one of them is completely neutralized. Each of their parts reacts to physical contact, meaning if you hit an opposing Attacknid’s leg it will fall off, crippling your opponent’s movement. Keep this up until three hits are scored to the Battle Brain, and you’ve won. All the parts easily snap back into place, letting your little gamer continue the fight. If you’re really into robot combat, up to 39,999 Attacknids can communicate in the same area, allowing for massive robot wars!

These robots come with many standard accessories, but you can also customize them so that no two Attacknids in your battle are exactly the same. The standard projectiles your bot uses are the disks, but they can also shoot darts or spheres at a target up to 30 feet away. These spidery bots have six legs and a head that spins a full 360 degrees, so it can quickly defend itself against not-so-sneaky attempts at bot-backstabbing. I’d love to see hoards of Attacknids fighting each other on some crazy battlefield, but I’d settle for having the coolest toy on the block.


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