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Ava Gardner Paper Doll Book

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At one point or another, every little girl hopes to grow up to be Ava Gardner. That sultry pout, those killer eyes, those perfectly-shaped eyebrows, and of course, the ability to bag some of Hollywood’s finest. Perhaps losing an Academy Award to Audrey Hepburn is also another dream of little girls, because if you’re gonna lose, it might as well be to the 1950s classier version of Angelina Jolie.

With all that retro fabulosity, you just can’t resist the Ava Gardner Paper Doll Book. A huge step up from the paper dolls we played with as kids, this book features all the glitz and glam old Hollywood is about.

The book was originally published in 1952 and comes with not one Ava Gardner doll, but two. And with a sh*tload (aka 65+) of elegant clothes and accessories she was known for wearing. Don her in a fancy ball gown, an old-school pair of checkered green pants, or go all-out and take Ava to the slopes in her custom-made snowsuit. Just as Ms. Gardner had a man for all seasons, there’s an outfit for all seasons here, too.

A fantastic way to introduce your youngin’ to retro glam, the great film Mogambo, and practice those famous lines of Honey Bear.


  1. Henry

    What the…was someone drunk when thy wrote this description? My daughter’s dream isn’t to “bag Hollywood’s finest” and the last thing I want my girl to think about is having a “sultry pout.” You might as well be selling a Bratz doll with how ridiculous this description is.

    • Kelly

      LOL, relax I think this is supposed to be tongue and cheek.

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