Avatar: The Last Airbender Toys, Decor, & More

Whether you’re the next Fire Nation Lord, Airbending Monk, Waterbending Master, Earthbending Champion, or the reincarnation of the Avatar, this list has something that all ages can enjoy!

Zuko the Firebender PVC Figure photo

Avatar: The Last Airbender has been a series loved by many fans for years now. Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. I found myself trying to figure out which elemental nation I belonged to ever since I was a child. Express your love for the series with these fantastic products below. Allow your inner light to shine and restore peace and balance to your home while showing off how much Avatar The Last Airbender means to you.

Aang action figure with bo staff photo

Aang 7″ Action Figure

MacFarlane Toys are known for their high level of detail and articulation, and this Aang action figure is no exception! Highly posable and comes with Aang’s staff, air scooter, and a stand. Play with it as a toy, or use it to decorate a room or desk!

Momo and Appa Plush Toys photo

Momo & Appa Plush Set

The plushie combo comes with the last of the winged lemur and the last of the sky bison together in one set. Two faithful companions for the price of one! I think even Momo would understand how great a deal that is, just don’t ask him for any water.

Zuko the Firebender PVC Figure photo

Zuko PVC Figure

For over 20 years Diamond Select Toys has been crafting incredibly detailed figures and toys from pop culture favorites. This Zuko PVC figure is a showcase for the care and craftsmanship they put into all of their products. One could even say that this figure is… 🔥🔥🔥!

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Korra Funk Pop photo

Funko Pop! Korra Figure

The spiritual reincarnation of Aang, Korra is a waterbender with a fiery personality! This fantastic looking figure by Funko Pop! would make any room in the house more awesome. For the ultimate pair, snag this Asami Sato figure too!

Appa Night Lite photo

Appa 3D Night Light

Looking for a cool way to light up your room? Look no further. With this Appa inspired night light any room of your choosing can quickly be illuminated. With 7 different light variations, transform the mood of any room with the Avatar Universe’s favorite animal, Appa, and remind the “boogey-man” of his place.

Appa Wooden music box photo

Avatar Yip Yip Wooden Music Box

Nostalgia has never been better! This hand-crafted wooden music box is sure to transport you back in time. Relive your favorite childhood memories with this avatar tune. Enjoy the visual of Aang and Appa in the sky which is painted on the box itself. No batteries are needed, simply wind it up and listen to the beautiful harmony of this Avatar theme.

Last Airbender Backpack photo

Avatar: The Last Airbender Backpack

Travel the hallways of your school like a boss with this Avatar themed backpack. Embroidered with all four element symbols, show your friends that you aren’t just an average bender, but the reincarnation of the Avatar. Don’t hold back—pull out your classroom essentials from your backpack like the master you are!

Jasmine Dragon Tea House Mug photo

Jasmine Dragon Teahouse Tea Cup

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Uncle Iroh’s famous Jasmine Dragon Teahouse like I have? Well, this tea cup will be sure to add a little bit of his energy to your home. Sit back, relax, and sip on some of your favorite flavored teas in the comfort of your home with this Jasmine Dragon Teahouse tea cup.

Last Airbender Four Nations Ramen Bowls photo

Four Nations Ramen Bowl Set

It’s time for ramen lovers to rejoice. There is no better way to enjoy a great bowl of Ramen other than with these ceramic ramen bowls. Each elemental nation bowl is accompanied by a pair of chopsticks. Show off the pride of your favorite nation while you enjoy a steaming hot bowl of ramen. 

Avatar Playing Cards photo

Avatar Playing Cards

Game night has never been better. Whip out these Avatar inspired playing cards and bring life to your next spades tournament, or dominate the poker table with these avatar characters/elements cards. Your friends are sure to fold at the thought of you possessing the ultimate Avatar powered royal flush!

Appa Throw Blanket photo

Appa Flannel Fleece Throw Blanket

Keep warm this winter while showing off your love for Appa the sky bison with this ultimate throw blanket. Decorate your bed, add style to your couch, or wear it as a cape and have a little fun imitating the flight ability of Appa. Whatever the case may be, enjoy keeping warm and snuggling underneath this cozy sky bison blanket.

Last Airbender Four Elements Coasters photo

Last Airbender 4 Coaster Set

Keep your coffee and dining room table free from water marks with these Avatar themed coasters. These coasters are double-sided with the symbol of each element on one side and its respective related elemental character on the other. Decorate your home with these cool coasters today.

White Lotus Chain and Pendant photo

Order of The White Lotus Necklace & Pendant

Ever dreamed of being a part of the secret White Lotus organization like general Iroh and King Bumi? Well, here is a chance to show off your affiliation to this group that inspires to bring balance back to the world. This pendant is sure to garner attention from any other member who is a part of this super elite and exclusive clan.

3D Printed Avatar Roku Crown photo

Avatar Roku Crown

Show off your Fire Nation love and pride with the crown of Avatar Roku himself. Make a bold fashion statement to the world when you adorn this crown on your head. Keeping your hair in place never seemed like so much fun. Enlighten the world while showing off the royalty of this amazing crown.

Last Airbender Graphic Novel Cover

Toph Beifong’s Metalbending Academy

Want to learn more about Toph and her exploits on metalbending? Look no more! This book is sure to give all of the fellow Toph Beifong lovers a closer look into how she started the entire metal clan. Have fun and allow your earthbending training to take you to new levels!

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Avatar Coloring Book Cover

Avatar: The Last Airbender Coloring Book

Is coloring therapeutic for you? If so, light some candles and bring out the colors you see best for Aang and the gang with this coloring book. Color the characters with their respective colors from the show, or reinvent an entire new color scheme for them. Allow your inner creativity to shine brightly as you color away in this Avatar themed coloring book. 

Avatar Legacy Book Cover

Avatar: The Last Airbender—Legacy

It is time to take your geekiness and love for Avatar: The Last Airbender to new heights. Explore Aang’s life and his journeys once the 100-year war ended. This book allows superfans a chance to have a more intimate/personal look into Aang’s endeavors. This is an interactive read that is sure to help immerse into the Avatar universe.

Avatar Anime Wall Hanging photo

Avatar Tapestry Poster

Aang fans can rejoice with this lively poster of him in the Avatar state. What better way to show off your love for the beloved Aang than decorating your favorite room with him at his most powerful. Wow your guests and visitors with this stunning wall piece.

Last Airbender Four Elements Face Masks photo

Avatar: The Last Airbender Face Masks

Back up and give your friends 6 feet with these themed face masks. Social distancing can now be done in style with the four nations of the Avatar universe. Help stop the spread of Covid and cover your face. Keep your friends and family safe and look cool doing it all the same. Can be bought separately or as a four pack.