Awesome Goonies For Kids Merchandise and Giveaway

With all the recent hype over the “confirmed” Goonies sequel we thought we’d have a little fun with a nostalgia giveaway thanks to our friends over at TV Store Online. They’re offering one winner an awesome Sloth Fratelli kid’s prize pack. A kid’s version of Sloth’s Superman shirt, along with a realistic Sloth mask.  To enter, all you have to do is retweet the following or follow us on Facebook and share our Goonies Contest status update.  We’ll pick a random winner next Monday the 21st.





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TV Store Online has a bunch of other radical Goonie merchandise geared to you parents. Check it out!

In conjunction with our contest we hunted down some unique Goonies related items over at Check out what we found.


The Baby Ruth Onesie

“Hey, mister? Are you hungry? I got a Baby Ruth.”

Feistybabies brings us this sweet onesie that shows your love for two things; retro candy bars and giant lovable non-furry sloths. Back in the 80’s they could have given Sloth his own movie, I’d been okay with that.


Retro Goonies Movie Inspired Poster

Posters are a dime a dozen these days. Everyone and there mom knows how to photoshop now and you can pretty much get whatever image you want from any movie in poster size for rather cheap. However, true talent is still more than a Google image search away. We stumbled across this poster and instantly fell in love with it. Sold by EhronAsher for a lower than average price, this should get your child excited for adventure. Love the retro 50’s early 60’s style.


Kids Suck T-Shirt For Adults

“Oh, Slothy. I may have been bad. I may have kept you chained up in that room but it was for your own good.”

Every once in awhile we throw in a treat for you parents out there. AtomicCotton sells this Kids Suck with Mama Fratelli’s face as a reminder of how much she adored children. You gotta love Anne Ramsey. Remember her in Throw Mamma From The Train with Devito? Wait, wait, if that doesn’t do it for you how about a Truffle Shuffle!


Goonies One Of A Kind Map Prop

“Honest. We went over to Mikey’s dads place and we found this map that said that underneath this place there’s buried treasure.”

If you or your child are hardcore about the Goonies then you’ll want this one-of-a-kind map modeled after the one in the movie. deMiguelReplicas from Spain designed this “aged” map and it looks beautiful. Perfect for a framed wall piece in your kid’s room. It even has the musical notes on the back! Anyone out there looking to get us an early Christmas gift feel free to purchase this for us. Just keep in mind this map is not a toy, it’s a collector’s item.


The Goonies Peg People Playset

“It’s OK, you’re a Goonie and Goonies always make mistakes… just don’t make any more.”

Finally on our list, KrisTeenyTinys offers up the perfect miniature toy set of all the Goonies in peg form. This super cute collection is perfect for kids who love to pretend. Each set is handmade and comes with bag for storage. They would also be awesome on our desk. Just sayin’. <— Hint,hint





  1. Critikal

    Hey thanks so much for the love on my Goonies poster! What a great site you have! — Ehron Asher

    • nickveneris

      Thanks! Awesome poster by the way. Absolutely love it!

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