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It’s true. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… data structure (a data structure that when used simulates a hierarchical tree structure, with a root value and subtrees of children, represented as a set of linked nodes.) If you know what I’m talking about check your child. Are they showing signs of inherited geek?

Though they may try their best in their teen years to shake it, I think most kids of nerdy parents will, despite themselves, be a little in love with dragons or binary code. They may have a habit of speaking Dothraki in their sleep or of taking secret trips to Comic-Con conventions.

So what if I have a burning desire to pass on my bordering-on-pathological love of computers to my child? You might ask

We here at Nerdy With Children would like to take this moment to officially and enthusiastically endorse this desire.

We miss Steve Jobs too. Quite frankly, the world could use a few more Steve Jobs. For all his quirkiness, he was an innovator and had a grasp of technology most of us can only drool at.

Besides, it’s not going to ruin a teenager forever if they wear a pair of these to school. No one even needs to know that’s a circuit board. It’s just a really badass pair of earrings.

Circuit board earrings

Let’s hold off on those charming adolescent years for a second though. By now everyone knows you should start your kids on computers much earlier than that. This is especially true if you find you have a budding computer genius on your hands. Computers are now integral in the classroom and the workplace. Remember 10 to 20 years ago when the powers that be projected by the time we hit the job market, we’d be applying for positions that didn’t even exist yet? Well they exist now. They’re called app developer, social media manager, and digital fabricator and there are more new positions that will crop up when our own kids are filling out their first job application.

So let’s start helping the younger geeks explore their computer savvy side. Dress ‘em right with this Very Hungry for Apple onesie from zomboy that simultaneously celebrates the beloved book The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the Apple logo known and loved by so many computer geeks.

Very Hungry For Apple Onesie


Now that the kids look adorable, let’s make sure their brains are up to speed too.

Computer Science for Kids by Andre Lessa is a good place to start. Lessa is no hack. He is currently founder and CEO of and has held the position of senior software engineer at many a company. He is also one of the inventors of the clustering system and method and has kindly distilled his computer knowledge into an easy to understand book that teaches the basics of computer science to kids in a fun way.

Computer Science book for kids


If your child wants to go beyond programming fundamentals, let them delve into the history of the heroes behind Apple II, the iPod, and the iPad. Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak: Geek Heroes Who Put the Personal in Computers is part of the Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Series where author Mike Venezia introduces kids to the world’s greatest inventors, composers, artists, and scientists. Photos, illustrations and a glossary of terms are part of this easy-to-read biography. This would be the perfect primer before they move onto that other book about Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak book

For when they’re tackling code and chapter books, Lauren Ipsum by Carlos Bueno is a fun read. Laurie is lost in Userland. The only way out is through Jargon-infested swamps complete with gates guarded by perfect logic. Each obstacle is computer-related with timing attacks and algorithm issues getting in Laurie’s way as she tries to find her way out of Userland. This is computer science presented through the eyes of Alice in Wonderland.

Lauren Ipsum book

Lauren Ipsum is a book that might be fun to read along with the kids, especially if the main character’s name gets a giggle out of you like it did me — because I am a colossal dork but again, geeking out over computer/typeface terminology is the kind of thing we celebrate around here.

Have fun grooming your computer geek v. 2.0 for their future as a programming genius. Let us know if you have any other techie ways to share a love of computers with your littlest HTML experts.

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