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Axe-L Plush Guitar

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Assuming that for at least a moment or maybe a lifetime, everyone has dreamt about being in a band; it’s easy to state that we’re all born with a love for music and a desire to become rock stars. Even if we don’t necessarily “make it” as big time musicians with millions of groupies and buckets of Jack Daniels to ingest, at least we’re daring to dream, excited for the prospect that whichever instrument we learn will be something we eventually master. It’s a nice goal to have and one that shouldn’t be given up, because ten-minute guitar solos would be cool to play if we knew how (despite how annoying and pretentious they can be to listen to).

The guitar is perhaps the most common instrument one picks up in their adolescent years; with the right help from the right toys, parents can give their mini music lover the gift of rock’s most popular player with Axe-L, a plush guitar with a big sound. The catalog of song choices it plays is impressive, featuring music from Sonic Youth, Pixies, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Weezer, and even Eric Clapton. I mean, it doesn’t get any cooler than a little kid who knows “Debaser” as well as “Layla,”–much shock and awe stems from stuff like this. All the rock n’ roll riffage and axe grinding, over-the-top chord progressions played will lead heavily into your future lead guitarist’s subconscious, inspiring them to befriend the only eardrum-piercing object acceptable to parents.

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