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Azur & Asmar: The Prince’s Quest

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Don’t be fooled by the film’s simple computer animation. Azur & Asmar: The Prince’s Quest is a magical fairytale the kids have gotta see to believe.

Written and directed by Michel Ocelot, this animated feature follows the lives of two boys, Azur (the son of a nobleman) and Asmar (the son of Jenane, Azur’s nurse). Jenane is a storyteller, telling the boys about the tale of the Djinn-Fairy (aka magical princess) who is waiting to be released from her chamber by a heroic prince.

The two boys are separated one day and both Asmar and his mother are banished from the home of Azur’s family. But years after the separation, upon remembering the legend of the Djinn-Fairy, Azur sets out on an adventure to Asmar’s homeland to seek it out, as well as to reunite with both his long-lost friend and Jenane.

Got all that? No write-up can really do this film justice, but we’ll try to convince you how great this film is with a little bit of help from our friends: The Chicago Tribune rated it four-stars and noted that any aficionado of animation would be “seduced by a wealth of sights and sounds” of this movie, while the New York Times emphasized “a gemlike luminosity of surface and a handsome, classical cast of mind” So if you don’t trust us, at least trust a couple of well-respected papers.

With incredible, early French and Arabic-influenced artwork and a story that isn’t your typical Hollywood blockbuster drivel, this is film scores an A+ with us. Now go grab it before we quote more critic’s reviews.

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