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Babies Go Pearl Jam

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Grunge in the early 90s meant choosing sides. You were either Team Nirvana or Team Pearl Jam the same way you were either Team Beatles or Team Rolling Stones in the 60s. With Team Nirvana, players were more into punk and somewhat anti-social; with Team Pearl Jam players were apt to like Zeppelin and to think that surfing and hiking are really fun. As both sides held different characteristics, it was who you picked that showed who you were. This system became an identity of sorts for grunge fans throughout the 1990s and currently remains a system that oddballs like me use to judge people on their musical taste because of snobbery.

I was always Team Nirvana. Always. I had an allegiance to Kurt & Co. since the moment I first laid ears on In Utero and tarnishing said allegiance was never something that interested me. I just connected more with Kurt’s lyrics than I did with Eddie’s; not to say that he was/is a bad lyricist, but Kurt he was not. Eddie was a Californian who loved classic rock, smoking pot, and outdoor activities: so he was pretty much unrelatable in my eyes. Kurt was a product of divorce, a fan of punk, and hated anything mainstream: stuff that I related to well. It wasn’t until my close-to-mid 20s when I finally accepted Pearl Jam as a talented band with wonderful songs like ‘Better Man’, and not anything worthy of the crap I’d given them for so long.

Released in July of 2012, Babies Go Pearl Jam, a collection of 17 lullabied versions of classic 90s jams (including ‘Better Man’) is perfect for parents Team Pearl Jam–or for parents who’ve recently made the switch–to play for their cherubs as they saunter off into dreamland where Nirvana fans and PJ fans coexist peacefully. Featuring fan-favorites like ‘Alive’ and ‘Jeremy’, this lengthy roster of kid-approved tracks will make you yearn for that 90s dream of slacking off in a flannel shirt and transform your little pearl into a bonafide Pearl Jam fan in no time. (PS: It is perfectly ok for your kids to be Nirvana babies, too. Just sayin’.)

This clip encapsulates the war between Pearl Jam and Nirvana which wasn’t really a war at all.

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