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Baby Alice Cooper T-Shirt

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In the gonzoworld of former shock rocker pioneer, Alice Cooper, wearing makeup and dressing in women’s clothing were all that was needed by the mainstream media press to label him an evil, child-eating beast. Which is insane, if you think about it. Considering that the past few decades have given us the likes of Marilyn Manson, GWAR, Nine Inch Nails, and Plasmatics (all bands infinitely more shocking than Alice Cooper), stuff like makeup and undergarments seem silly to villainize. But to consider the time period that Alice Cooper first began (the 60s and 70s) is to also understand why he was deemed such a freak.

Really, anything in this world that challenges the status quo is always labeled shocking at first. To reference back to Marilyn Manson, he was once a symbol of the antichrist; a musician destined to corrupt precious minds and destroy the world with his own brand of evil that nowadays is harmless and petty. And pushing even further back to 1956, when musician and singer, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins–one of the first shock rockers in popular music–released “I Put a Spell on You”, several U.S. states banned the song from radio waves due to overt sexuality and weirdness from the singer. These are some examples of things once shocking that have now become quite laughable.

In celebration of the once odd and bizarre world of Alice Cooper, those crazy designers over at Sourpuss Clothing have recently designed the ‘The Baby Alice Cooper Welcome’ T-Shirt featuring the classic cover art of Alice Cooper’s very first solo album, Welcome to My Nightmare, first released in the non-threatening year of 1975. This green, black, and purple color combination is unlike anything that other babies are wearing today and will instantly transform your tiny tot-rocker into an individual who wears what they want, when they want, and embodies the spirit of a mini Alice Cooper without having to worry about villianification from the mainstream media press. Shock rock lives on!

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