Baby Beatlemania!!!


Shake it up baby, now! If you’re a fan of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, chances are your love of the Beatles started as a child. As a kid I remember watching the trippy cartoon Yellow Submarine countless times, marveling at the psychedelic colors and the unforgettable Blue Meanies.

It’s never too early to get your little one set firmly on the path to Beatlemania. These Fab Four finds are a joy for every girl and boy – and their Beatle-fanatic parents as well.


1. Baby Beatles

Caspar Babypants Baby Beatles 

This month Seattle kindiependent superstar Caspar Babypants releases his Beatles cover album, Baby Beatles.

Caspar Babypants handpicked and re-arranged each song on the album to make them just right for little listeners. The CD includes popular Beatles ditties perfectly tailored for kids, like “Octopus’s Garden” and “All You Need is Love,” as well as lesser-known classics like “Your Mother Should Know” and “Anytime at All.”

The 20 songs on Baby Beatles are guaranteed to get tiny tots hopping and smiling, and their parents happily singing along.

*A promotional copy of Baby Beatles was provided for review purposes.


2. “Dear Prudence” Nursery Art

Dear Prudence Wall Art

This sweet print from the etsy shop VinylDeconstructions will get your baby ready to greet the brand new day.

The shop offers a variety of soothing colors and prints featuring lyrics from other Beatles favorites, sure to encourage your child to come out and play.


3. Beatles Baby Blanket

 Beatles Baby blanket

Kiditude offers a soft, colorful baby blanket that’s a perfect gift for new parents. The soft fleece and shiny red satin highlight the rainbow of Beatles logos for your baby to snuggle under during naptime.


4. Beatles Booties

Beatles kids booties

Not only can your bundle of joy snooze under a colorful Beatles blanket, they can also have a rainbow of Beatles on their tiny toes. These baby booties expertly crafted by etsy shop whiterabbitbaby are made of soft fleece with no slip soles.

The booties are handmade and made to order, so they will slip perfectly onto the sweet feet of your little baby.


5. Beatles Onesie

Beatles baby onesie


While you’re on etsy, swing by MiaInWonderland’s shop for the eye-catching Beatles onesie bodysuit. John, Paul, George, and Ringo are ready-to-wear in a variety of sizes and colors offered by the shop.

Each onesie is hand-painted and a stylish way for even the smallest of Beatles fans to show their budding love for the Fab Four.


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