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Baby Chef Freshness Minder

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Automation is everywhere! From the assembly lines making our cars to the iPhone app minding your appointments, we’re increasingly living in a world in which date books are outdated, hopefully freeing us to deal with more important things like pondering string theory, pouring over the most recent CERN findings, and debating which Doctor was the best (here’s a hint: it’s the tenth).

So why should milk rotation be any different? Formula and breast milk, once bottled, have a shelf life that makes the half-life of Astatine (At 213) look downright ponderous. The Baby Chef Freshness Minder takes the worry and work out of making sure your baby has a fresh meal at the ready. The set comes with three timers, each beeps when it’s time for feeding or disposing.

Just take one of these minders and put it over the neck of a freshly-filled bottle. The 24-hour timer can be programmed to count up or count down, whichever you like. The alarm is audible and visible – in addition to the beeping alarm, the display flashes (useful for identifying which bottle is ready, and which still have time to go). Each of the bottles has a color-coded band so you can also work out your own rotation schedule based on your preference. Of course, the alarms are refrigerator-friendly, so don’t worry about them getting too cold.

Worry less, enjoy family time more, and let the Baby Chef Freshness Minder make feeding time easy!

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