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Baby Geared Times Table T-Shirt

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Like a cheat sheet for the pre-school set, this stylish tee has a times table for values of two, printed backwards on its front for quality learning as you get them ready in front of the mirror. It’s perfect for helping your junior mathematician understand more complex numeric computations without using their cute little fingers, which are probably in their mouths anyway.

Having a times table handy can help your child understand mathematical concepts early in life and while only having a ten-place times table for one value doesn’t cover everything, it does make for a handy reminder that mathematical concepts exist. Like good advertising, this product helps to keep math on your child’s mind, and hopefully will pique his or her curiosity.

A number of reliable studies (some of which are downloadable from the US Department of Education website) illustrate the importance of early learning and development in childhood education. The earlier you can get a child introduced to higher learning concepts the better, so it’s never too early. We’re still waiting for the study correlating IQ with percentage of mathematics-related clothing as an infant, but it’s probably coming.

This cute little tee will probably not teach your child multiplication before they can walk (unless your child is the true story upon which “Baby Geniuses” and “Baby Geniuses 2” were based), but it will plant the seed of learning, and that’s half the battle.

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