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Baby Pilot Two-Piece Sleep Set

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Who isn’t a sucker for baby costumes?

Two months before Halloween, I had already purchased my toddler’s get-up—a grey elephant bodysuit that I swear was cozy enough for her to wear to sleep. I was sad to have to pack it up after she only wore it once. If only it hadn’t been packed with two pounds of goose down feathers, maybe I could have converted it into a pajama? Oh well. I tried to burn the adorable image of her with a trunk plastered to her forehead in my brain and moved on.

Baby Aspen 2-Piece Layette Set in Big Dreamzzz Baby Pilot satisfies my urge to see baby dressed up in whimsical outfits every day of the week. This olive-green bodysuit is a throwback to “The Greatest Generation” with military stars and stripes on the sleeves, built-in soldier booties (with nifty green pretend laces), and a matching old-timey pilot cap complete with pilot’s goggles and a secure snap closure to prevent wandering infant hands from pulling it off. The machine-washable bodysuit is made from 100% cotton and comes in sizes 0 to 6 months. And, when not helping to give your child a good night’s sleep, the comfy pajama can multitask as the best Halloween costume ever seen.

Bonus: If you are planning on gifting the Baby Aspen Big Dreamzzz Baby Pilot Layette Set, it will be delivered in a gift box that resembles a pilot’s carry-on suitcase: an olive-green cutie with yellow straps, black buckles, and a white-satin bow at the top. And what do you think the suitcase tag (yep, there’s a suitcase tag) says? “Big Dreamzzz,” of course.

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