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Back In The Day Onesie & Tee

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Music is integral to kids’ lives, and the paraphernalia associated with music gets elevated to a sacred level. The items that they associate with music now are computers, mp3 players, and even Apple TV. When we were kids, the cassette tape was the object that was able to release endorphins and light up the temporal lobe. Those tapes were delicate, not easy to copy, and, with use, lost their quality (as well as that sweet plastic smell). They also got tangled, and the best method for fixing a tangle was to take out all slack by winding the internal grooved gears with a pencil, gently cutting out any knots and then taping the ends back together with the smallest possible piece of tape that could render stability. You would end up losing a note or two, but it was better than not having your music at all or having to pay ten dollars (which was like, three hours babysitting those awful neighbor children) for a new one.

As a parent, it is your duty to relentlessly explain to your kids how life is different now, and how it was so much harder when you were their age. If you wanted to hear a specific song, you had to fast forward to the exact right position, hoping all the while that your boom box wouldn’t mangle your tape, which would force you to engage in the impromptu surgery mentioned above. However, telling your children about how different things are isn’t enough; you need to take this message, and put it on their clothing.

Back in the Day’s cassette-winding image on a onesie or tee should be used to meet other parents who have the same sentimental feelings, and can remember with perfect clarity receiving their first cassette ever for Chanukah. (It was Pearl Jam’s Ten.) Or just let it be a constant reminder that your child is growing up in a different media landscape, with music perpetually obtainable.

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