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Backpack See, Backpack Do

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Picture the first day of school. Or even the second. Or third. Ok, this works for any day of school. So picture it. Your child walking into the schoolyard, dressed to the nines, hair slicked back, each step in slow motion. Watch as their friends wave to them, crowd around them. Oh, they’re so popular.

But wait a—oh no. That backpack. Oh nooo. You didn’t buy them the Backpack See, Backpack Do, and now your kid’s friends have spotted that ratty old book bag on their shoulder. They’re slowly edging away. Your child’s coolness has dropped three levels. Look away, Mom and Dad. It’s not pretty!

It could happen to your kid.

Prevent your offspring from losing three levels of coolness in the schoolyard with, duh, the Backpack See, Backpack Do. This adorable little square backpack features the face of a cute little monkey on the back, with floppy fabric ears to the sides. But it’s not just something great to look at, it’s totally school-worthy, with adjustable arm straps and a small handle for easy toting. It also features a magnetic closure on the flap and a small pocket inside for storing little knick knacks. It’s made from soft cotton canvas so it can also be machine washed (no more sour milk smells for the rest of the school year, score!) and it’s 9”W x 3”D x 9”H, if dimensions mean anything to you.

A must for your little daydream believer.

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