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Backyard Safari Portable Weather Pod

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Have you got a mini meteorologist in your life? Is your kid fascinated with rain, sleet, or snow? If either of these descriptions are close to home, then the Backyard Safari Portable Weather Pod could be the next great gift for your weather-conscious progeny.

The Backyard Safari Portable Weather Pod has just about every major weather tracking and monitoring function that you could need from a device of this kind. The pod has a built in compass for discovering true north, a tripod base to ensure its stability in any weather, and a number of gauges to track all kinds of information. The weather vane shows direction, the rain gauge measures rainfall, the temperature gauge monitors the air temperature, and wind speed can be tracked using the built-in anemometer. Any type of weather information your kid could want is easily and enjoyably tracked using this weather pod.

In order to learn how to use these features, there is an included pop-up field guide, so your little scientist can discover all of the wonders of what makes our weather system tick. When they are done, the completed guide can be celebrated with a commemorative badge, the Storm Chaser patch, which outlines all of your kid’s newly earned weather achievements!

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