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Bad Piggies Game

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Bad Piggies is the newest title from Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds. It combines one part physics engine and puzzler (like its predecessor), with two parts of creation tools and vehicular design. The piggies have lost the bird’s eggs on an island, and must build all kinds of wacky vehicles in order to get them back. The result is their best game yet, one you and your family will have a blast enjoying.

At the start of any given level, you are given various tools to build whatever sort of contraption you think might be able to carry the piggies across the stage. What follows is an absolutely crazy exercise in designing the most outlandishly hilarious vehicles, then sending them out across courses full of obstacles in an attempt to haphazardly cross the goal line. Your kids will be building cars, building airplanes and hot air balloons, trying to avoid pits, caves, and crashes. Bad Piggies is at its best form when it allows you to succeed through creativity; every puzzle can be solved with a variety of methods.

Half of the vehicles you build might not even be recognizable, but that’s where the fun really kicks in. Crashing and breaking the vehicles into pieces is just as thrilling as designing the perfect machine for the task, and your kids may find that they’re building wacky contraptions just for the sake of it. However they decide to cross the finish line, Bad Piggies will make sure your mini-gamers are loving every minute of it.

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