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Balloon Dog Bank

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Missed the Jeff Koons art exhibition in Versailles? Couldn’t make it to NYC to see his balloon dog on the rooftop at the Met? Boy, did you miss out. That’s like Michelangelo personally holding his own exhibition in the 16th Century, but you having too little time or not enough gold in the savings account to fly over to Florence to feast your eyes on David. Well, almost. But never fear! You can still introduce your kid to this brilliant artist’s quirky work with a Koons-inspired money bank that’s slightly cheaper and slightly more kid-friendly than any of his originals.

This Balloon Dog Bank brings all the metallic glory that Koons’ balloon dog art piece brings, but is crafted from durable ceramic, making it a bank that will be a staple in your little one’s bedroom for years to come — we can feel it.

Best of all (ok, not best of all, but a great feature) is that the doggie bank has a rubber stopper at the bottom, meaning it’s not one of those super-frustrating money banks you have to smash with a hammer to get the dough. You know, piggy bank manufacturers, sometimes we need spare change in a hurry — ever think of that? Having said that, it is quite fun watching a piggy bank being smashed to pieces. But we still have a slither of porcelain stuck in our hand from our over-zealous younger brother’s smashing in ‘92. Forgiven but never forgotten, never.

Each pup measures about 10-inches long and is just over 5-inches high, so it’s the perfect piece to set anywhere in your child’s bedroom — they need somewhere to collect all that money you bribe them with, after all.



    I would like to purchase one, silver, please. How do I do this?

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