Cuddle Up With These Fresh, Nerdy Throw Pillows


Ahhh, spring. We’re more than a week into the freshest and greenest season of the year, but with the kind of weather we’ve been having all some of us can really do is try and remember spring from last year. The other day, I thought I kinda saw some grass poking through the dirty snow, but nope. It was just an old coffee cup.

Maybe winter just needs a little hint. Sometimes you have to do little things to let your guests know they are no longer welcome, right? Last week I put my coat away in the hard-to-reach spot in the closet, thinking maybe winter would clue in. It worked for two days or so, then it snowed 4 inches yesterday. Come on winter, it was nice and all, but I have dresses to wear! I’m not getting any younger!


Maybe if more of us make a collective effort, we can banish the greyness for good (or at least a good 9 months). Get out those running shoes and light jackets, I think we can do this.

Next weekend, rain (or snow) or shine, spring cleaning will begin in my house. I’m as tired of looking at the inside of this place as the outside. “But how can I make the room look totally different with very minimal purchases,” you ask? The answer is as age-old as budget interior design itself: pillows, friends.

You don’t need many. Pillows are an excellent way to usher in personality and color, and of course, tie a room together. Heck, maybe if you get enough pillows and post your new space on Facebook (If  you’re in your 20s, I meant to say Instagram; for teenagers, I meant Snapchat), your friends will feel motivated enough to come over for the boardgame night you’ve been postponing.  No one likes an uncomfy gaming space.

But pillows are boring, right? This is Nerdy With Children, not 60’s Housewife With Children (although wearing aprons is kinda fun). But we assure you, if you look hard enough you’ll find the pillow that speaks to you, even if you didn’t realize you liked pillows so much. We poked around the internet for the most unboring specimens out there, just so you didn’t have to.

Make Your Own Pillow


First off, even if spring break is over, there’s still going to be downtime on weekends that you’ll need to fill with activities while the ice is thawing outside. Why not hand-stitch some of your own pillows with your kids?


Which character is your obsession? Chances are, there’s a pillow out there for everyone’s favorite hero (or villain). Collect one for each family members favorite to make a cool and comfy mishmash.


The Etsy shop that makes this Link pillow also makes other cool minimalist renditions of our faves, like Doctors 4, 10 and 11,the Harry Potter gang, the Serenity crew from Firefly, and Jon freakin’ Snow.


She’ll even make a custom pillow in your likeness.

Funky Woodland Fantasy

I’m pretty big into leafy things these days (maybe because the world refuses to show me any), so I’m considering ordering some of these amazing leafy logs to help forest-ify my stuffy living room. Her shop is even called hitree – so effin’ cute.



Great Moments in the Nerdicon

We all have our favorite nerd moments that we wouldn’t hesitate for a second to pay proper homage to. If you’re a Star Wars family, obviously this one ranks pretty highly in your personal nerdicon.

star-wars-pillow-cases (1)-480x480

That man could really teach us a few things about how to face an eternity in carbonite in style.

Ironic (or Serious) Social Media Pillows

Even if phones are banned from your family’s gathering spaces, you can still help the electronics addicts in your circles feel comfy while they spend some real face time with you.  Etsy seller Craftsquatch makes a folksy fleece pillow for pretty much every social media outlet from Google Maps to Tumblr.




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