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Basher Core Science Library

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Biology! Physics! Chemistry! Put them together and what do you get? The Triforce of rudimentary science knowledge!

We’re excited about this installment/package in the Basher Science Library series because it represents the three essential sciences that every young geek should start learning at an early age.

Think about it (actually, as a proper nerd parent, you probably already are): biology leads to macrobiology and then to microbiology, then to genetic engineering. Physics leads to astronomy, nuclear physics, and a host of others. Chemistry pours brains into nuclear physics, and also into cellular biology, but mostly into developing horrible alien acid blood (and making cocktails in Erlenmeyer flasks).

While nobody has the hubris to suggest that the Basher books somehow contain the sum total of all human scientific knowledge, they really are a great start. Like other books in the series, there are historical notes that take a long chronological view of the processes of discovery and implementation, and these are colorfully illustrated with interesting characters which help make learning science fun.

Disclaimer: learning science is already fun. These books make it even more fun, so your child may approach the Chandrasekhar limit of science learning fun, thus becoming a science star. There are worse things that could happen.

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