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Basher Science Technology

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There is a whole series of Basher books (not to be confused with book bashers, whom we do not promote on this site). They all explain some facet of science in an approachable, interesting, and colorful way – this one touches on technology.

Refresh your mind for a second and revamp your definition of technology: sure, in 2012 we’re thinking about circuitry, solid state drives, and touch-screen tablets; but this book takes a longer view. Think back to seventh-grade science class: wedge, inclined plane, wheel and axle, pulley, screw – the basic machines, stuff that was absolutely revolutionary to our rock-welding, cave-dwelling ancestors.

Isn’t this all a bit simplistic? Not at all! It’s hard to see where you’re going if you don’t understand where you’ve been. Kids growing up thinking that “work” means punching a clock and sitting at a desk as opposed to the application of energy to matter to create movement are missing an awful lot of points between then and now. Think about it: manufacturing isn’t something that just happens, it involves complicated machines, including transports, robots, presses, that are really just elaborate combinations of the six simple machines.

And yes, the book does build up to more modern technology – but by the time they get there, your kids will have a much more thorough understanding of how and why we use machines the way we do.

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