Batman and Other DC Multiverse Figures

Fans of Batman and other DC Multiverse Figures, this is the article you need AND deserve!

Lego Batman Silhouetted Against Blurry Lights photo

As a kid you relished in the idea of your merch, it was a way to truly express yourself and the love for your fandoms. As an adult that feeling truly never left, and honestly why should it. Now, as your kids follow in your steps, you want to give them a little push in the proper direction. So, today we’ll be covering Figures and Toys in the DC Multiverse. Be advised not all of these are meant for “everyday play,” but really that’s up to you and what works best for your family. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Harley Quinn Figure photo

Harley Quinn (Classic)

Starting off our list is the one and only HARLEEN QUINZEL! Harley to her friends and of course her Puddin. Also to the Bats, when he won’t stay off her and Mr. J’s tails and ruins a good night on the town. Like seriously, who does he think he is? Someone outta give him a good WHACK! Anyway, if you miss those good ol’ days of  kicking back and watching the animated series. Then this Harley is perfect for you. 

Red Hood Figure photo

Red Hood (Three Jokers Ver.)

The next in our showcase is the fallen Robin, Jason Todd, also known as The Red Hood. Known for his rocky past and brooding temper, he is a must for those with a long love for the Bat Family and its members.  He is a staple piece if you’re looking to introduce your kid(s) to every aspect of Batman’s history in his time as the Dark Knight.

 Damian Wayne (Robin) Figure photo

 Damian Wayne (Robin)

Keeping the theme close to home, we’re back with another Robin, the current Robin, Damian Wayne. The son of the Dark Knight himself, he has all the same energy to match. Much like his father he can be a little rough around the edges, so, stand back when he’s waving around that sword! Despite it all, his character shows it’s never too late to change, and that even the toughest kids just need love. 

Nightwing Bendable, Posable Figure image

Nightwing BendyFig

Continuing the Batman sidekick trend, I saved the best for last. Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, is best of the Robins, with the best hair, costumes, and uh, “rear assets” in all of the DCU. This Nightwing figure can be posed in different positions and comes with two baton accessories and a detachable stand, making this figure great for both playtime or a display case.

Batman (Flashpoint Paradox Ver.) photo

Batman (Flashpoint Paradox Ver.)

Since the loss of his parents, Bruce obviously would never be the same, as that hurt carries for a lifetime. But what if it was different, and he was the one to not survive? The devastation of losing your child in such a terrible way can turn anyone to their lowest point, or maybe even inspire them to try and do some good—even if it seems like they take it a bit overboard. 

Superman (The Animated Series) Figure photo

Superman ( The Animated Series)

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a guy in his underwear! And they’re red at that. Krypton’s last son really flies around like that?  Yeah, but it’s a look, and an iconic one at that. Well, can’t really argue with that. what do you think Clark? Clark? Weird he always disappears when Superman is around. I wonder if there’s a connection.

Batman (The Animated Series) Figure photo

Batman ( The Animated Series)

Another classic, and one I will forever hold close to my heart. Batman is, and always has been, the complete package. He is everything a hero embodies despite his harsh past, he stands for what is right and never believes he is above the law or the decider of another’s fate. Bruce Wayne is a reminder that you can have everything and still lose it all. More importantly, what you make of that loss helps shape you. 

Wonder Women (Dark Nights) Figure photo

Wonder Women (Dark Nights)

When the Multiverse is at its knees, you do as you always have—stand up and fight! It’s a mentality Diana carries with her through this new world. As each day goes by, she still clings to thoughts of her sisters and the Justice League. Can she save them? Will the multiverse collapse? Also, can we talk about how cool her invisible chainsaw is?

Batman (Batman Beyond) Figure photo

Batman Beyond

Terry McGinnis is truly an underrated Batman. Much like the predecessors after Bruce, Terry took up the mantle in own unique way, even though he was designed to be the next Batman at the direction of Amanda Waller. Terry had an actual happy life, and despite the losses he’d face that would lead him to being the Dark Knight, he can let people in and knows he doesn’t always have to be alone.

Batgirl (Rebirth) Figure photo

Batgirl (Rebirth)

Whether you were a fan of Rebirth or not, Barbara will always be an icon in her own right. She is strong and fearless, even at her weakest she still found a way to overcome her trauma and rise again.

Cyborg (Teen Titans: The Animated Series) Figure photo

Cyborg (Teen Titans : The Animated Series)

BOOYAH! Do you see this, it’s AMAZING! Kinda makes me hungry for pizza. In all seriousness, this is a true gem. Cyborg never got the credit he deserved by the fandom and that never sat right with me. He is an amazing young man and, despite what he may sometimes think, he is more human than all of us. 

Bat Cave Transforming Play Set photo

Bat Cave Transforming Set

Does your kid love adventure and saving the day, even turning your living room into their own personal crime fighting space? Well, I have something I think they’ll really enjoy. This set involves a 33-inch tall Batman that transforms into a functioning Batcave! It includes  9 accessories, an exclusive 4-inch Batman figure, working elevator and many more functions. Then when playtimes over the whole set folds up, making for easy storage.

DC Super Hero Girls: Supergirl Figure photo

DC Super Hero Girls: Supergirl

Throughout the years DC Super Hero Girls have gone through some changes. Hitting the market with not one but two different variations of the show in the last few years, This figure is based on the 2015 version and brings me back to the days of looking forward to new adventures at Superhero High. The importance of this show means a lot, as each version of the show hopes to empower girls to shine and be their own unique type of hero.

Batman with Bat Tech Figure photo

Batman with Bat Tech

When the streets of Gotham have fallen to their knees, even the Bats could use a little help. His suit is actually very impressive and the expandable wings ain’t too shabby either. Especially since it’s a perfect callback to Batwing’s debut in the DCAU. The suit even glows the same and he feels perfect for kids who want to sneak in a little more action past bedtime. Careful kids, he comes with over 20 different sounds so try not to get caught!

Little People Fisher Price DC Super Friends Exclusive Pack photo

Little People Fisher Price DC Super Friends Exclusive Pack

As a kid, I truly adored the precious, chubby-faced citizens that came out of Fisher Price. I took them everywhere! The movies, long car rides, the park, anywhere I could think of, and that always stuck with me. I’d bounce them off the walls as I’d make up action packed adventures, and now seeing these little heroes makes me so happy. I’m positive they’ll make your little hero happy too!

Hot Wheels DC Character Cars Pack of Five Box and Contents photo

Hot Wheels DC Character Cars 5-Pack

 I’ve never been much of a hot wheels fan, but not gonna lie, if I was a kid again, I’d need these immediately. But that’s possibly because I’m obsessed with the concept of Harley’s car having a tiny mallet attached to it. These give off mad vintage vibes and I’m here for it. Especially since it’s rare these days to have this type of color scheme for Batman.

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu DC Versus Four Pack  Box photo

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu DC 4-Pack 

When I saw this, my first and only question was do they stretch, and pleasantly I was not disappointed. If you have kids that are a little rougher on toys, this honestly is for them because they’re durable and squishy and able to take a few hits.