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Batman: Joker Funhouse Game

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Only the Joker would require the combined prowess of the world’s best detective, an intergalactic policeman, the world’s fastest man, and a super-powerful alien to thwart his diabolically whimsical schemes. Of course, this penchant for over-the-top destruction and mayhem with its disdain for the typical villain motives of money and power are what make The Joker such a powerful, and entertaining, bad guy. It’s not hard to imagine that his convoluted plans would require the attention of nearly half of the Justice League.

This is exactly the scenario you can recreate with your kids using the Batman: Joker Funhouse Game. This board game, published by Wonder Forge and officially licensed by DC Comics, pits Batman, Superman, The Flash and The Green Lantern against the Clown Prince of Crime as they try to capture him before he escapes. The heroes must work together using x-ray vision, super speed, force fields and the bat-a-rang to thwart The Joker’s escape from the fun house. It’s a little vague on the details of The Joker’s latest crimes, but you and your kids can use your imaginations to come up with something heinous enough to attract the attention of so many super heroes.

Batman: The Joker Fun House Game is not only an introduction to a few of the paragons of the DC universe, but also a great teaching tool for your preschooler. The game utilizes a number of props, including a rolling ball, “x-ray” glasses, and a bat-a-rang launcher to win against the villain. As a learning instrument, the game focuses on shape identification, puzzle solving, fine motor skills, sorting, and matching, and will help your child’s imagination and mental skills grow.

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