Batman Lego Dream Kids Pajamas

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Batman Lego Pajama Set

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Bat-nanas in pajamas are coming down the stairs!

You’re right, that was bad. Let me try again…

My wife has a reputation in our family as a pajama connoisseur. Her collection is vast and impressive, representing fabrics and styles and seasons beyond my power to articulate. And as can be expected, she has passed this tradition on to our children, whose sleepwear wardrobes are almost more extensive than what they wear for school or play. Though this can make bedtime a lengthy decision-making process, the good thing about it is that their choices range over all things nerdy!

This Lego Batman pajama set is a favorite of mine. It’s simple mathematics: Batman (awesome) + Lego (awesome) = awesome! Whether your kids love the Batman Lego sets or the Lego Batman video games, these pajamas allow them to expand their collection and show their love with pride – and in their sleep, no less! The short sleeved top and shorts feature the Lego versions of Batman, Robin, Joker, Two-Face, Penguin, and Mr. Freeze in a comic-style pattern, printed on 100% polyester. That makes them perfect in anticipation of warmer weather, not to mention Lego Batman: The Movie, which hits stores in late May. Make sure your mini crime fighters are ready!

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