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Batman Plush Mini Backpack

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Batman’s utility belt is one of his most recognizable crime-fighting trademarks and has been a mainstay since its early introduction in 1939. How in Gotham would he be able to function without it? Like Mary Poppins’ bottomless carpetbag, it has the amazing ability to basically hold anything the writers need it to bear for that week’s adventure.

The Batman Plush Mini Backpack doesn’t promise infinite storage, but even with its small size, it probably could hold more than a real-world example of the Caped Crusader’s belt. Its comical appearance portrays a squat likeness of the crime fighter, the version seen in the critically acclaimed and fan-favorite Batman: The Animated Series. Made with high-quality and sold by the official DC online store, this backpack measures 10 by 4 by 14 inches and has adjustable straps. The plush material gives contents some padding when thrown around, cushions small kids in cramped hallways, and doubles as a cozy companion. Younger kids will think its cool, but older ones will also find it cute – and nerdy icons plus cute presentation equals a big win for fanboys and fangirls alike.

The Dark Knight Rises gave another boost to Batman’s pop-culture presence, and this item benefits from general Bat-mania while standing out as a cooler accessory from a “retro” incarnation.

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