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Batman Tee

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Batman, amongst the multitude of super heroes and villains that spring to life from the minds of comic book artists, has a disproportionately large number of fanboys. This can be evidenced by the recent popularity of Christopher Nolan’s films, as well as the ubiquitous bat symbol emblazoned on t-shirts and bumper stickers and coffee mugs. Maybe it’s because the recent generation grew up watching the excellently produced Batman Animated Series; or maybe it’s just because Bruce Wayne is a regular guy with no superpowers of any kind. (Unless you count being filthy rich as a superpower, but I never thought of Bill Gates as comic book material.)

This shirt will let your youngins display their pride in the comic version of the caped crusader in a flashy way as Bats is shown swinging into action, summoned by the light he gifted to Commissioner Gordon. While normally the dark knight prefers to keep to the shadows, this particular shirt highlights Batman’s cape by using a reflective type of foil. (Yes, it’s machine washable.) The long sleeves are sewn in to keep ‘em warm on those cold winter nights and the colors befit the shadowy persona of Bruce Wane. All in all, it’s a stylish way for your nerdlings to show off their love of the Batman.

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