Battling it Out With TOMY’s BattroBorgs


What exactly was the appeal of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots? Was it knocking your little brother’s block off with Mom’s permission? Or marveling at how you could control your robot (sort of) remotely? Either way, TOMY’s BattroBorgs are an update on the remote boxing match that has all the appeal of the original with the added bonus being controlled by R.C. remotes. The simplicity, cool factor, and nostalgic comfort combined with a touch of tech will mean you can expect to see this one on most cool toy Christmas lists this year.

After this year’s big Toy Fair, it was pretty apparent that these Japanese robot toys were about to make a very successful leap over the Pacific. The R.C. fighters come in solo packs or a 3-in-1 set, complete with two fighting robots and an arena.

The bots are a bit small at about 3″ high, making their intricate detail all the more impressive. The bots have amusing faces, begging to be called at least a little bit cute. They’ll fit in kids pockets, giving it the portability it would need to become the next viral playground competition toy.

The bots are controlled by two Wii-like “nunchakus” which are tethered to each other but not to the bot they control. They’re ultra responsive, so the quicker you jab with your nunchuck, the quicker the robot will punch his opponent. The challenge of turning a bot becomes part of the fun, since the momentum of jabbing their fists is the only way to move them around if they happen to lose their way as they journey to a K.O.

TOMY’s released a series of YouTube videos to help showcase the features of the bots, and to give a few helpful tips:

The objective of the game is simple: hit your opponent’s robot in the head so many times his little red “I’m done” light illuminates. You’d better make sure your fight only takes 20 minutes, since that’s how long the bot’s charge will last. If he runs out of power, just set him back in his charging station so he can live to fight another day. maxresdefault

As of this writing, there are four BattroBorg’s that can be purchased on their own, the red, gold, purple, and green. Others, like cobalt or yellow, can only be purchased as part of an arena 3-in-one set. There are three different settings on each ‘Borg, and up to 20 bots can participate simultaneously in a battle royal.

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