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Beholder Eye Tyrant Plush

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Aww! How cute is that adorably horrific, life-ending aberration? Look at him, with his gaping maw full of razor sharp teeth, and those eyes (all those eyes!) that could be waiting for someone to care for him, but are more likely to spam Death Ray on you? Don’t you just want to cuddle him, and tell him that everything is going to be okay? No? You’re running away in terror instead? Okay, that leaves more super-cute beholder cuddles for me!

The Eye Tyrant is a special kind of beholder. It’s more powerful, but also more rare than standard aberrations; which means it might be alone, and it might really want to make friends. This Eye Tyrant comes with all the features you might expect from a Beholder, except when your kids squeeze him, he won’t incinerate them. Instead, this beholder is squishy and soft, and his teeth aren’t dangerous at all.

After your kids have become best friends with this little guy, they might want to keep him safe in their room. They aren’t known for sympathy among their own kind, and a domesticated beholder with a squishy body would be no match for other aberrations, even if they were an Eye Tyrant before turning into a soft cuddle plush toy.

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