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Bella Lily Leg Huggers

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Flowers can be bad. For instance if you have allergies or if, like some of us, you were forced to do rudimentary ballet while wearing a papier-mâché flowerpot and giant daisy petals around your face. No, we don’t want to talk about it. Please don’t do that to your children. It will be detrimental to their sense of self and lead to inevitable years of therapy. At best it’ll result in a seriously a misguided fashion sense — besides, these leg warmers are so much cuter.

Bella Lily Leg Huggers from Huggalugs have fuchsia, rose and turquoise hand drawn flowers and will keep legs cozy whether they’re dancing or not. This is floral pattern done right with pops of bright color on a mod black background. With these leg warmers worn under a favorite fall dress or skirt, your little one’s outfit will be more understated posh and less gaudy 80’s tablecloth. One size fits most, and they’re perfect for squeezing a little bit more wear out of those summer shorts and tees as the air gets a little chillier. Oh, and as an added bonus when the kids are older, they’ll resent you much less than we resent our own parents.

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