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Beneath The Leaf Delfina Fairy Doll

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Long a favorite of young ladies, fairies are still a fertile source of fun for their affections. Although Disney may have turned fairy magic into a commodity with its Tinker Bell-derived Disney Fairies franchise, there are still awesome independent producers of pixies.

Beneath the Leaf is one such maverick in the fairy world. Its array “faerie creations” are lovingly created by visionary Elisabeth Finn, who designed the host of characters and nature-themed environments for them to inhabit. Delfina has a handcrafted look, and is just waiting to be played with by a child filled with imagination and spunk. She is nine inches tall (easy for smaller hands to hold) with plush body and soft fabric. Her impish smile holds just a little bit of mischief, and her fanciful clothes show funky style with a mushroom headband, striped leggings and polka dot waist that will delight the fashion-conscious owner.

This cute fairy is one of six available from Beneath the Leaf. One or more of these beautiful dolls would be fun for playtime, or as part of the decor in a child’s fairy-themed bedroom. Fuel your little one’s imagination and sense of whimsy with this enchantingly original and upbeat toy.

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