Best Animal Crossing Plushies: Isabelle, K.K. Slider, & More

Check out this list of all your favorite Animal Crossing friends, like Isabelle and K.K. Slider, in plushie form!

K.K. Slider Plushie Pillow Toy Front photo

Soft, cuddly, and warm (and sometimes fuzzy!), plushies are honestly the best of all worlds. That’s why today we’re talking about combining that joy with the long beloved game Animal Crossing! Now this wasn’t easy, and don’t be upset if you don’t see your favorite villager—a lot of us might be feeling that slight disappointment—I know it hurts. But I hope you find something you might be able to bring home for your little ones, maybe even yourself too. It doesn’t matter if you collect or simply find them cute. Plushies are for everyone!  Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

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Official Animal Crossing Plushies

Tom Nook Plush Pillow photo

Tom Nook

Adulting is hard, so word of advice. Don’t hop on a train without enough bells! Sounds reasonable but you’d be surprised. But hey don’t take my advice and face the wrath of his cold dead stare. When the concept of OG’s comes to mind, it’s none other than the bell hungry tanuki himself. 

Isabelle Plushie Toy photo


“Hello, Mayor!” I kind of miss that sometimes. Since her debut in New Leaf, Isabelle has truly grown. That’s amazing for her but sometimes I miss her helping me night and day to make the town great. Weirdly enough now she seems to get all the credit for my hard work. Not being shady but I think that spot in Smash Bros went to her head.

Blathers Plushie Toy photo


When your museum is almost complete and you keep getting duplicate fossils, don’t you want to just SQUEEZE Blathers! Especially when he offers for the fossils just to say he shouldn’t, like sir please, just take them. Maybe because I’m so curious to see this personal collection you always mention.

Celeste Plushie Toy photo


She’s a rare treat, only seen when the stars come out at night. She shines and admires each constellation, warming our hearts and giving away new DIY’s. Celeste has always been a gem which is why I’m sad I don’t see her often. But with this plush, you can admire the stars with her every night. 

Rover Plush Toy photo


Speaking of another OG, you have the lovable creeper himself. No offense to him, but he wants to know everything, and sir I’m just riding a train! But not gonna lie, I wonder how many secrets lie behind those eyes. Rover doesn’t really get his credit. Without him I might have never gone into debt with Tom…Wait.

K.K. Slider Plush Pillow Toy photo

K.K. Slider

You cannot tell me Bubblegum was not a bop! Did you blast it each day, or did another K.K hit catch your ear. Really doesn’t matter what song you love, the talent he possesses is unmatched! But nothing will ever feel as magical as that first performance as the credits roll around us. Hold this star close, you’re not gonna want him to get away.

Flick Plushie Toy photo


Next we have the adorably bug-obsessed blessing that is Flick. Till him, I would sell my bugs without much of a thought. Bells are bells and bridges don’t build themselves! But now I’ll gladly have a room in my house loaded with bugs on display just to see the look of joy on Flick’s face.

Reese plushie Toy photo


Since I got into Animal Crossing pretty late, New Leaf was my first introduction to the series. When I tell you the highlight of my day was running to Reese’s shop to see her give me so many bells for the bare minimum. Made my heart melt! Which is why I miss her so much in New Horizons. So I happily bought this to remember her. Tho a sleeping Cyrus would be perfect too. 

Timmy & Tommy Plushie Toys photo

Timmy & Tommy

They’re not Reese, but they are just as cute. Looking at these brought me back to the days of building the Cranny and watching the island evolve over time. I know these two work for Tom but to me the Cranny is theirs, and I love walking in to see them greet me each time. I’d take them home just to make them feel as welcome as they make me feel in their store.

Brewster Plushie Toy photo


Making his return since his last appearance in New Leaf, Brewster has finally returned! Of course bringing a premium blend of flavors with him. Making his return a few short weeks ago, it’ll be nice to stop by and enjoy a cup or two. Hopefully I don’t get all  jittery!

Marshal Plushie Toy photo


After the weeks I watched my sister searching for this cutie, it’d be a disservice to her to not include her favorite villager. I mean look at him, he’s an adorable squirrel that really stole fans hearts and much like other fan favorites became an absolute must to find. With this, I think it’ll bring as much joy as finally inviting him to stay on your island. 

Animal Crossing Leaf Plushie Pillow photo

Animal Crossing Leaf

You ever shake a tree and feel so relieved that a wasp nest didn’t just come crashing down by your head. Every time I shake a tree, I hold on for dear life. When I’m surprised with a sweet little leaf, I smile because the excitement of a new item never dies. Also, when shaking trees never forget your net!

Raymond Plushie Toy photo


As a fan favorite, it’s no surprise Raymond has his own official plush. Everyone’s favorite villager with heterochromia is as dapper as they come. It’s easy to see why his personality is listed as Smug. I’d be smug too, looking that sharp all the time.

Gulliver Plushie Toy photo


Wake up. C’mon, Gulliver, wake up. GULLIVER WAKE UP! Geez this guy. He could sleep through an earthquake, volcano, and a tsunami, and he’d still find some way to stay passed out on that beach. But despite it all, I think it’s a missed opportunity to not include a version with his pirate outfit. 

Handmade Animal Crossing Plushies

Celeste Plushie Toy with All 12 Zodiac Signs image

Celeste w/Custom Zodiac Signs 

Personally I didn’t plan on adding Celeste twice! So hear me out, throughout my years of obsessing over every fandom I’ve ever truly loved, one thing has remained the same: FANART AND FAN APPAREL usually goes pretty hard. And this did not disappoint! I mean look at that precious gleam in her eyes. She just makes my heart melt.

Cranston Handmade Plushie Toy photo


It’s always sad when your favorite character doesn’t get the credit they deserve. Heck, even the lack of their face in merch is enough to make you cry. Well, at least it hits kind of personal for me, and my beloved Cranston is no exception! As my first villager in New Horizons, I grew a quick fondness for him and believe he’s the sweetest crane any person could ask for. 

Dom Plushie Toy photo


When I look into those big ol’ precious eyes I want to cuddle Dom and hold him tight. The fact this game has over 397 villagers and literally none of the sheeps have any official merch. Makes me want to cry. Dom is a jock with a heart of gold and needs to be held like the treasure he is. 

Bell Bag Plushie Toy photo

Bell Bag Plush

Finally, who doesn’t love a beautiful bag of money! I know finding a bag of bells is always exciting. Not only will this bag make you feel loaded, it’s a lil more special than a regular plush. Out of all the plushes on our list this can be a multitude of things and it’s super cool. Not only can it be a snuggly plush you cherish at night, but versatile storage. How cute is that!