Best Avengers Toys & More for Any Marvel Fan

Greetings True Believers! We found the best Avengers toys and more just for you!

Marvel Avengers Toys in dramatic blue lighting photo

When we think of superhero team-ups, there’s one name on everyone’s mind: The Avengers! Who wouldn’t want to join forces with Earth’s mightiest heroes? Muscles, magic, machines, and mutations. If you wish to be a playboy billionaire, a super spy, or a scrappy kid turned super soldier, the Avengers are the dream team for hero fantasies.

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So, if you and your little hero are ready to face down rouge gods, killer robots, and mad titans, first assemble this arsenal of epic Avengers toys and more. Then… (dramatic voice) it’s time to save playtime!

Avengers Mech Strike Iron Man Strikeshot Gauntlet box and contents photo

Nerf Mech Strike: Iron Man Gauntlet

Who doesn’t want to say it just once? “I Am Iron Man.” Well, strap on the mech strike gauntlet and that dream is within reach. With this expanding, dart shooting gauntlet, any kid will have hours of fun. Moreover, since it’s made by Nerf, a company whose name is synonymous with childhood dart guns, you can be assured of its high quality.

Avengers Nerf Assembler Gear: Black Panther Glove box photo

Nerf Assembler Gear: Black Panther

Tony Stark isn’t the only one with next-level tech. So, maybe you’re looking for a blaster with a more Wakandan flair? Well, the Black Panther Assembler is ready and waiting. With cool claws, a purple paint job, and variable blaster configurations, this nerf dart launcher is the epitome of cool. Playtime Forever!

Avengers: Hulk Gamma Grip Fists in original packaging and out photo

Avengers: Hulk Gamma Grip Fists

Darts are all well and good, but some fun is up close and personal. Of course, no one does close range better than the mean green punching machine. With these Gamma Grip Fists, your kid can wield the awesome might of the strongest avenger. Its soft foam means they can take down any puny god without you needing to worry about bruises or broken bones.

NERF Power Moves: Thor's Hammer photo

NERF Power Moves: Thor’s Hammer

Wait a second. There’s another Avenger who claims to be the strongest. That’s right, the God of Thunder himself, Thor Odinson. Well, if your little one be worthy, let them take up the hammer and wield the power of Thor! This Mjolnir looks authentic and has a unique launching mechanism. The dart actually fires from hammer swings! It’s perfect for calling down an imaginary bolt of lightning. This awesome toy will leave any kid thunderstruck.

Marvel Avengers Action Figures (set of 8) photo

Marvel Avengers Action Figures

If you want some Avengers toys fun, this is an essential pack. This eight-pack of heroes is an epic team to play out imaginary adventures, featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, Spiderman, and more.  In addition, it sticks close to the movie designs, so the characters will be recognizable in the form your kid knows and loves.

What If...? Marvel Legends Action Figures (Set of 8) photo

What If…? Marvel Legends Action Figures

Sometimes it’s fun to hop off the beaten path and adventure into the unknown. Well, this Marvel’s What If…? lineup is perfect for letting speculation run wild. It’s a mad multiverse, but you can have limitless oddball adventures with Captain Peggy Carter, Star-Lord T’Challa, and even a Zombie Captain America.

Avengers Bend Flex Iron Man Captain America Thanos Figures in Box photo

Avengers Bend & Flex Figures

Sometimes though, you just want a nice simple adventure.  Good guys, bad guys, and lots of face-punching. These twisting, turning, flexing figures take articulation to the next level. Captain America, Iron Man, and Thanos can take on each other and any pose your kid can think up. These Avengers toys will be perfect for showing a titanic clash between good and evil.

Marvel Hot Wheels Spider-Man Web-Car Launcher box photo

Hot Wheels: Spider-Man Web-Car Launcher

One little-known part of marvel history was the Spider-Mobile.  Spider-man was branching out into a sponsorship deal but ended up returning the wagon since… well, why suffer through with New York traffic when you can swing through the sky? Having said that, why let logic get in the way of cool?  Your little web-slinger can rule the road in this Spidey-themed ride. Its windshield can move to give an intense expression. Not only that, but it can launch other hot wheels to take down any bad guy

Hot Wheels MARVEL Avengers Character Cars 5-Pack Box photo

Hot Wheels: Avengers Character Cars 5-Pack

Whether you need ammo for the web-car launcher or want to play with them solo, you can’t go wrong with this 5-pack of Marvel-themed hot wheels. Black Widows slick black and red creates a striking and speedy sports car. Of course, you could also go for the intimidating—if slightly baffling—Thanos Truck!

LEGO Marvel The Guardians' Ship Box and Contents photo

LEGO Infinity Saga: The Guardians’ Ship

Cars are cool, but what about taking a spin through the stars? This rocking Lego set will be hours of fun as you put it together with your little guardian. It also comes with six mini-figures, including Thor and, of course, Groot. So, this set works as a toy, a display, and a project all-in-one!

Marvel Avengers Top Trumps Match Board Game Box and Contents photo

Marvel Avengers Match Board Game

After a big day full of active play, it can be good to relax and unwind with a friendly game. This Marvel matching game is for two players. You take terms of removing cubes and replacing others. This continues till you’ve lined up five in a row. This is a simple game with surprising gameplay depth that is great for calmly passing the time.

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Marvel Avengers Friends TV Shot Mashup Shirt photo

Avengers x Friends Shirt

Let’s step away from Avengers toys and get into outfits. Every hero needs to look good, both in and out of costume. This tee works perfectly for showing a fun but geeky flair. It combines two of the most massive media phenomena of all time and comes in sizes from baby onesies all the way to 3XL. With a wide array of colors, it’ll be a perfect look for the whole family.

Loki Time Variance Authority and Miss Minutes Pin 2-Pack photo

Loki: Time Variance Authority & Miss Minutes Pins

Someone needs to keep time-space safe. With this 2-set of pins, you and your child can show your allegiance to the Sacred Timeline and the TVA. The metal TVA emblem is understated and very official. On the other hand, Miss Minutes is as cute and inviting as usual with her retro feel. These pins make a perfect pair.

Loungefly x Marvel Iron Man Light Up Mini Backpack photo

Loungefly x Marvel: Iron Man Light Up Mini Backpack

Your kid will need to carry their stuff in style. While Tony Stark’s briefcase suit isn’t for sale (yet), this is the next best thing. This Pop! mini backpack made of metallic vegan leather in the striking red and gold colors of Iron Man’s armor. The inner lining has a classy black finish featuring marvel logos and the Iron Man mask.  And the best part is the arc reactor on the front lights up! With this backpack, your kid can be almost as stylish as Stark himself. Almost.

Turn Yourself Into the Avengers: Custom Digital Download image

Turn Your Family Into the Avengers—Custom Digital Download

Let’s wind down a bit for this final entry. Sometimes it’s fun just to be passive and take things in. If you want a cool and unique gift for your family, this digital art is perfect.  Now you all can be heroes, at least in a small way. This is the type of gift that your family can look back on, even when they’re older, and smile. This seller also has many other superhero options (solo or teamed up) if you prefer.