Best Goth Clothes For Kids

Freedom of expression is a valuable, but oftentimes rare, commodity make sure you support it.

girl witch holding goblet

Halloween is a 365-day celebration in our home so we’re always on the lookout for the best goth clothes for kids. You know the cliche, Everyday is Halloween. Finding quality goth, horror, and Halloween-themed boy and girl t-shirts are like trying to navigate an asteroid belt in a Star Destroyer. Performing simple Google searches could send you to a completely irrelevant retailer site like Target. Believe me, it is easy to get frustrated quickly. So how do you search for this niche? Have no fear, that’s what we’re here for and we’ve already done the hard work for you. We’ve compiled a list of some of our absolute favorite gender-neutral items.

Goth T-Shirts

werewolves not swearewolves

Werewolves Not Swearwolves Shirt

Have you showed your child the mockumentary What We Do In The Shadows, yet? This catchphrase comes from the hit British comedy about a small clan of vampires trying to fit in during modern times.

heart bat shirt

Heart Bat Shirt

The one thing we really love about this shirt is the classic style of the bat. It screams Bella Lugosi in Dracula. Perfect for those goth types that don’t want to come across as too edgy.

dead inside shirt

Dead Inside Shirt

One of my favorite shirts that we feature in this article. Thinking about purchasing this for myself. This shirt is perfect for those quiet kids that have a sense of humor.

no desire shirt

No Desire Shirt

Edgar Allen Poe passed away at the age of 40 years old. He married his 13-year old cousin when he was 36. His writings at the time earned him the title of literary genius. However, he never seemed to fit in. His reputation was less than stellar.

nightmare before christmas shirt

Nightmare Before Xmas Shirts

Somehow, Nightmare Before Xmas has remained popular for over 25 years. It’s renowned as Disney’s, not a Disney movie. Kids today still love it after watching just once. It’s made its way in children’s books, video games, and of course unauthorized live musicals. It only makes sense to dress your child up in the things we loved as a kid. Keep the tradition going.

I hate everything

I Hate Everything Shirt

When we talk about the different philosophies of goth culture, this shirt sums up most of them. Don’t worry, if you child doesn’t like white (who does?) then they can select this shirt in a different color.

zombiecorn shirt i love

Zombie Unicorn Shirt

We’ll never admit that zombies are overdone. Certainly, we cringe when we see them portrayed in an ignorant manner, but the living dead will always have a place in our hearts. Why not undead unicorns as well?

skull rock pirate island

Skull Rock Shirt

Hard to believe we’re going to feature two Disney shirts in our best goth clothes for kids’ article. However, this Peter Pan shirt is awesome. Pirates can certainly be considered goth.

vampire kiss shirt

Vampire Kiss Shirt

Vampires are forever. They’re immortal, tough to kill, and of course deadly. Some are charming, some are mean, and others are just downright beasts stalking the night. Whether it’s Anne Rice or 30 Days of Night, vampires are here to stay in goth culture.

biohazard mask shirt

Biohazard Mask Shirt

Kids don’t really seem to be into the whole gas mask thing anymore. The 2000s fascination with WW2 fashion has kind of lost its edge, but if your child is trying for a more retro look then look no further.

Goth Bracelets

spike studded bracelet

Spike Studded Bracelet

Possibly more popular within punk culture, the classic spike studded bracelet is still an option for goths.

leather bracelet ring dot

Leather Bracelet

This leather bracelet reminds me of something from the movie Hellraiser. I really love it and feel it’s a must-have for any outfit. Although, it might be a bit large on smaller kids.

metal leather bracelet goth

Metal Leather Bracelet

This bracelet might be the best value for you as it is a set of 4. Your child will be able to mix and match every day giving them the freedom to be more expressive with their fashion choices.

leather spike wristbands

Leather Spike Wristbands

Here’s another assortment of goth leather bracelets. This one does include a smaller spike bracelet that makes for a great alternative to the larger cuff one we feature above.

Goth Necklaces and Chokers

set of 3 charm necklaces

Set of 3 Charm Necklaces

As children enter their teenage years they begin to dabble in different religions and learn about the world around them. This necklace set is perfect for not just goth culture, but also Wiccans and other related pagan worshippers. It’s good to keep an open mind growing up and these accessories enforce that.

set of 8 leather chokers

Set of 8 Leather Chokers

Chokers have been the rage for a while now and will probably continue you being a hot fashion choice for younger goths in the near future. This set comes with a large assortment of 8 leather chokers varying in styles.

antique style crystal necklace

Antique Style Crystal Necklace

This antique pendant crystal necklace is a great option for those that do not want to wear leather. It’s mysterious design is quite enchanting. The necklace comes with an adjustable chain.

skeleton pendant necklace

Skeleton Pendant Necklace

Skulls are one of the most iconic images in goth culture. Looking back through the decades, we always find the skull as a repeating symbol portrayed in gothic art. This skull pendant is not different. We just have to ask what’s with the hair made out of bone?

vampire bat necklace

Vampire Bat Necklace

For the quiet secluded goth that weighs on the simple side of fashion, this bat necklace is a cute accessory.

Goth Rings

stainless steel bands

Stainless Steel Bands

When purchasing rings for anyone you must be careful not to pick something that the person would absolutely despise. That’s why we think these dark steel bands are a safe purchase for your teenager. This is a set of three, but make sure the size is right.

faux fire opal ring

Faux Fire Opal Ring

Once we laid eyes on this beauty, we had to add it to the list. With a bargain price that is faux opal ring will be adored by your young ones. Sure, it walks the edge of being goth, but its uniqueness makes up for it.

Goth Accessories

backpack pins

Backpack Pins

Finally, we wanted to throw some pins on the list for the younger kids and those that love to decorate their backpacks. This set of pins is the perfect gift for those kids entering middle school.