Best Kids Sprinklers & More

Get the kids outside with this list of the best kids sprinklers and other fun water activities!

Boy laughing playing and splashing in kids sprinkler photo

When summer rolls around, the kids start getting a little wilder (and so do us adults). Later sunsets, no school, vacations, and lazy days cooling off by the pool are all that’s on our minds when the weather starts warming up. Alas, beating the heat can be hard to do depending on your home climate. Not everyone has access to a pool, or a beach, or a lake. That’s why you can’t beat a good old-fashioned sprinkler for those hot summer days. However, don’t pull out that old hunk of metal that grandma uses for her garden. Instead, read on and discover all the fantastic kids sprinklers and other water activity options your whole family will enjoy!

Before we get into it, if you’re looking for even more wet and wild summertime fun, check out our list of nerdy inflatable pool toys!

All right, time to put on a bathing suit, slather on the sunscreen, and get to splashing!

Kids Sprinklers

Kids Sprinkler: Snake Toy Box and Contents image

Snake Sprinkler

First, this cute and colorful snake sprinkler is an amazing 91 inches (7.5 feet) long! Second, it’s an inflatable ground sprinkler which means no stubbed toes! In addition, the durable heavy-duty PVC means stepping on the snake won’t damage it, so it’ll stand the test of time. And because we love themed parties here at Nerdy With Children, this makes a great focal point for a jungle adventure-themed pool party!

Kids Sprinkler: Octopus Toy image

Octopus Sprinkler

Take charge of summer fun with the genius of the ocean. This cute pirate octopus features 8 noodle nozzles, making the spray of the sprinkler unpredictable and undeniably silly. Further, the spinning pirate hat also sprays water as well. All you have to do is plug and play, so to speak.

Kid's Sprinkler: Turtle Toy with Wiggle Tubes photo

Turtle Sprinkler

Improve your kid’s dodging skills with this adorable sprinkler. Water sprays from the center while the wiggle tubes unpredictably twirl and swirl water up to 8 feet. Sturdy and BPA free means this sprinkler is 100% safe for kids and pets. Warning: screaming from too much fun may occur.

Child Playing with a Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler Toy photo

Unicorn Sprinkler

This colorful unicorn stands 5 feet tall and blows water out of its horn for a magical playtime. Stakes are included for the feet to keep it balanced and steady. Plus, this kids sprinkler toy would also be perfect for a themed birthday or pool party.

Inflatable Shark Kid's Sprinkler image

Jaws Sprinkler

Speaking of themes, this Jaws-themed (but cuter) archway stands at 68 inches tall. Kids will love running under the archway of razor-sharp looking teeth as it sprays. In addition, the base can be filled and weighted down with water for stability, so it can’t be knocked down easily. This could easily be a hit for a nautical-themed summer birthday or pool party.

Inflatable Owl Sprinkler Toy in Package photo

Owl Sprinkler

This owl sprinkler ball is summertime ready! With four sprinkler heads on a 36-inch diameter inflatable ball, it’s a great way for kids to keep cool. Depending on hose pressure, the sprinkler can shoot up to 10 feet high! Further, this stays balanced thanks to a fillable water base, assuring this owl stays put on the ground.

Inflatable Elephant Kid's Sprinkler Toy in Box photo

Elephant Sprinkler

Kids will feel like they’re on safari with this elephant-themed inflatable. Standing 5 feet high, the elephant sprays water out of its trunk. Further, an upgraded valve system on this inflatable boasts up to 10x faster inflation and deflation. Truly, thanks to the controlled spray, this makes a great option for those who don’t really need everything in the vicinity to get soaked. 

Kids Playing with an Inflatable Shark Sprinkler Toy photo

Shark Sprinkler

This 8-foot-long inflatable shark will surely be a favorite for kids and adults on hot summer days. Not only does this come with ground stakes for stability, it even comes with a vinyl repair kit, just in case. Lastly, it can spray water up to 10 feet, and would be a great addition to a nautical-themed party.

Kids Splash Pads and Pools

Dinosaur Splash Pool with Feature Highlights image

Dinosaur Splash Pool

Next on our list of kids sprinklers, we have this dinosaur splash pool. It measures 68 inches long and 46 inches wide, making it large enough for more than one child but not so big that it takes up half a backyard. There are two sprinkler systems: the cute dinosaur on the end and all along the sides of the pool. Further, when not in use during the summer, bring the pool inside for a nice ball pit or toy area! We love a versatile product!

Inflatable Palm Tree Splash Pad Spraying Water photo

Palm Tree Splash Pad

Luau night anyone? Why not go tropical with this inflatable palm tree splash pad? The tree stands at 62 inches tall while the base is 72 inches in diameter. Water sprays not only out of the top of the huge palm tree, but also on the sides of the tree and around the ring as well for maximum soaking.

Solar System Sprinkler Pool image

Solar System Sprinkler Pool

Not only are these splash pads fun, but they’re educational as well. At 60 inches in diameter, this is perfect for toddlers just learning about the world. The shallow pool makes it safe for extra little ones. In addition, this splash pad comes in different educational options: the solar system, color balloons, world map, US map, and the alphabet.

Boy and Dog Playing with a Pet-Friendly Splash Pad image

Pet-Friendly Splash Pad

This splash pad is extra durable and great for families who have dogs. It’s non-slip and has a thickness nearly double what most other companies offer. In addition, the pad comes in three different sizes: 59 inches, 67 inches, and 75 inches, making it easy to accommodate any furry friends as well.

Kids with Parent Playing in a Dinoland Inflatable Play Center photo

Dinoland Play Center

This play center has all you need: a sprinkler system, a slide, a splash pool, ring toss, and a dino with a hoop for some wet and wild splashketball action. Further, the pool measures approximately 11 feet by 7.5 feet, making it ideal for multiple kids. In addition, there’s an easy to use drain and even extra padding at the bottom of the slide. The pool also comes with a repair patch in case of accidents.

Sprinkler Systems

3 Kids Sliding Down a Triple Lane Water Slide photo

Triple Lane Water Slide

This slip and slide comes with a sprinkler function for easy gliding. Further, unlike most other water slides, this one comes with three lanes and inflatable boogie boards for racing friends. Best of all, there’s three options to choose from: a 16-foot triple lane slide, a 20-foot double lane, and a 20-foot triple lane!

Water Park Sprinkler Toy image

Water Park Sprinkler

This setup has multiple features, and there’s no air pump, draining, or patching required! It’s easy to assemble and no tools are needed. This play set features a sprinkler tunnel, a square shower, height adjustable water funnels with sinks, and a dump bucket. As an added bonus, the easy-to-build pipe system makes it so you can store it for the winter months and bring it out summer after summer.

Home Run Splash Baseball Package photo

Home Run Splash Baseball

For baseball fans, this is the ultimate summer toy. Similar to a slip-and-slide, you can easily do an iconic slide to base. The baseball diamond measures 14 feet x 14 feet, and includes a plastic baseball and bat. In addition, here’s another awesome feature: the home base sprinkler levitates the baseball so there’s no need for a pitcher! 

Boy Jumping on Trampoline with a Water Whirl Trampoline Sprinkler image

Trampoline Sprinkler

Last on our list of kids sprinklers, we have this unique sprinkler. Transform any trampoline (we recommend this one) into watery blast of fun with this sprinkler system. In addition, the sprinkler head rotates so, unlike fixed sprinkler holes, it creates an unpredictable 360-degree whirl of water. Further, it comes with different attachments to best fit your needs, as an added bit of versatility, it can also be used for on-the-ground fun as well!