Best Lord of the Rings Decorations for Your Kid’s Bedroom

One does not need to go on an epic quest to discover the wonderful treasures found inside Tolkien’s novels.

hobbit hole painting

In this article, you’ll find the best Lord of the Rings decor for your kid’s bedroom. Lord of the Rings is a wonderful idea for adding a classic literature theme to any child’s bedroom. With three different media to choose from such as the novels, animated movie, and of course Peter Jackson’s film trilogy you can draw a wide range of inspiration when planning out the age-appropriate decor. This timeless fantasy now over 70 years old, has captured the hearts of millions and launched a whole genre into mainstream popularity. What better way to celebrate fantasy than by sharing this classic hero’s journey with your child and bringing magic to their bedroom.

Lord of the Rings Toy Decor

gollum premium plushie

Gollum Premium Plushie

The story of Gollum is quite the tragic fairytale. From his introduction in the Hobbit to his fateful demise in Return of the King, Gollum’s tale is one filled with greed, torture, and an all-around lack of empathy from other characters. Now your child will be able to give him all the love he deserves.

samwise gamgee plushie

Samwise Gamgee Plushie

We all know that Samwise is the real hero of Lord of the Rings. It’s not a secret. Your child can be reminded of Sam’s heroic virtue when cuddling with this super cute plushie.

This specific plushie is sold by Funko, so if Samwise isn’t your child’s character of choice, you can always choose a different character.

gandalf felt figure

Gandalf Felt Figure

We absolutely love this handmade Gandalf felt figure. This is a wonderful Lord of the Ring’s decoration for older children. These are not to be played with.

Lord of the Rings Wall Decor

LOTR travel posters

LOTR Travel Posters (set of 3)

Check out these three lovely travel destination prints for Erebor, Mordor, and The Shire. Beautiful colors jump from these works of art giving life to your kid’s bedroom. The prints come in various sizes so you can make sure not to take up too much wall space.

bag end hobbit hole print

Bag End Hobbit Hole Print

Set out in the world of Tolkien with this fantastic watercolor print of Bilbo’s home in Bag End. This print is available in two different sizes and several types of paper.

gandalf vs. balrog

Gandalf vs. Balrog Print

The fateful battle of these two titans is captured in all its glory with this artist’s rendition. Though he may seem small next to this mighty demon, Gandalf the grey performs the ultimate sacrifice so that the fellowship can continue their quest. This print also comes in multiple sizes.

map of middle earth poster

Map of Middle Earth Poster

Some children just love maps. Atlases, globes, and even treasure maps depicting pirate treasure have fascinated kids for years. This map of Middle Earth will leave your youngling in awe as they gaze at all the famous locations created by Tolkien’s genius. Yes, you can order this print in multiple sizes including a portrait style.

Lord of the Rings Bed Decor

lord of the rings bed decor

Gondor and The Ring Bed Set

Ok, let’s set the record straight, it’s not easy finding Lord of the Ring decor for beds. Sorry, the choices are very limited here, especially if you want something that is of good quality. However, this Gondor tree encircled by the scripture of the one true ring makes quite a nice purchase. If that’s not your kid’s thing then you might just have to go with some generic fantasy designs which are still really cool.

eye of sauron pillow

Eye of Sauron Pillow

Let your child stare into the all-seeing eye of Sauron while they daydream of quests with elves and hobbits. This mesmerizing throw pillow is perfect for those kids that don’t like all that cutesy decor.

legolas pillow

Legolas Pillow

Bedding is hard to find, but fortunately, there are some awesome throw pillows out there to soothe the little heads of Lord of the Rings younger fans. This Legolas pillow is the perfect Lord of The Rings decor for your child’s bedroom. Yes, other characters are available.

Lord of the Rings Lamps & Lighting

lord of the rings candle

Lord Of The Rings Candle

If your child is a teenager then we have found the most awesome LOTR candle in existence. Noted for featuring the iconic traveling fellowship, this handmade candle holder comes shipped with an LED candle. Just be careful with the little ones breaking it knocking it off their dresser.

fellowship shadow box

Fellowship Shadow Box

If your children aren’t into candles then they might love this shadowbox featuring the fellowship. The light is battery powered and comes with a handy switch to turn the light on and off.

you shall not pass switch plate

You Shall Not Pass Switch Plate

Personally, we love light switch plates. They are unique and can really add a nice detail to the room. There are plenty of light switch plates to choose from, but this Lord of The Rings one with Gandalf’s iconic quote featured on it is too funny to pass up.

Lord of the Rings Knickknacks

lord of the rings chest

Lord of The Rings Chest

Easily one of the best items on this list, the Lord of the Rings’ chest is definitely stable to any bedroom decor.

Handmade and antique, this chest is a modern-day heirloom that your child will be able to pass down for generations.

to rule them all ring

To Rule Them All Ring

Rings are generally considered bedroom decor, but you can be creative and find a cool way to display this Lord of the Rings decor in your child’s bedroom. Choosing the proper size could be a challenge, but maybe a good alternative would involve purchasing a chain so they can wear it around their neck.

arwen bookmark necklace

Arwen Bookmark

Encourage your child to read by getting them this Arwen quoted bookmark. You can never have enough bookmarks in your bedroom, my child has at least 10 and he’s only 7 years old.

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