Best Minecraft Plush, Action Figures, and Lego Sets

Fans of Minecraft, young and old, dig into this list of the best Minecraft plush, Action Figures, and Lego sets, specially crafted just for you!

Boy playing with a Lego Minecraft Action figure photo

Hello all, I’m back, and once again I bring nerdy food for the soul. Today we’ll be diving into the game that’s held many in its grip for the last ten years: Minecraft! For this list, I uncovered the best Minecraft plush, action figures, and Lego sets out there. So, break out your pickaxes, protect your diamonds, and remember to watch your back—you never know if a creeper is nearby. Whether you’re into single player or multiplayer, crafting buildings or exploding them, I have some real interesting finds any fan of the franchise, new or old, will enjoy!

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Got all that? Now, let’s get crafting!

Minecraft Plush

Minecraft Plush - Steve with Pickaxe photo


 Starting off this Minecraft plush section, we have the OG classic for you, but most of you know him as Steve! Or maybe you just prefer to call him “the player.” Hey, I don’t judge. Besides, I think as long as you’re crafting them mines, Steve doesn’t mind too much either. It’s funny to think about, but where we would be without good old Steve? Daytime or nighttime, he’s perfect for you or your little miner to snuggle up to.

Minecraft Plush - Enderman photo


Listen, just because someone looks at you kind of funny doesn’t mean you attack them, right? I mean, you were the one just standing there like a weirdo, but hey, we get it; you don’t like direct eye contact. Sorry for having eyeballs, I guess. Truth be told, I love this, and, honestly, I need it because just the thought of an Enderman running with those gangly limbs makes me laugh.

Minecraft Plush - Creeper photo


So, I know we’ve all been there but it must be mentioned. Don’t you just hate when you’re building away, “mining” your own business (I’m sorry), and some adorable yet slightly detestable creature sets out to ruin your morning? Yeah, me too. I mean, I get it creeper. My newly built house is too tempting for a ticking green bomb with legs. But hey, I guess I’m wrong for just wanting to have nice things. Sad. 

Minecraft Plush - Baby Pig photo

Baby Pig

When you look at this, how can you not want to snuggle it? Maybe you’ve even got the urge to squish it and watch it floof back up. Just a thought, but maybe it would be cool to have a life size one you can ride on like in the game. This ain’t that, so I guess you’ll have to settle for an adorable 7 inch plush version.

Minecraft Plush - The Ender Dragon photo

The Ender Dragon

Sometimes dark, unsettling creatures can be weirdly cute. I mean, this Minecraft plush shouldn’t be as precious as it. Furthermore, I’m compelled to wonder how and why it was made so precious. In short, these things are literally designed to take you out in the game. And yet, there it is, looking at me with the most adorable eyes. Am–am I falling in love with the Ender Dragon?

Minecraft Action Figures

Minecraft Action Figures - Alex with Diamond Pickaxe photo


Alex appreciation time. Certainly, Steve might be the main face of the game but Alex her has her followers too. She’s often seen a lot in the game’s merchandise. However, to be honest, it’s sad that even thought she’s a playable character herself, she’s slightly overshadowed by Steve. So, it’s nice to see her featured in any type of form. In addition, the detail and care always great.

Minecraft Action Figures - Zombie holding Rotten Flesh photo


 The normal response to seeing a zombie is to fight back and/or run. It’s logical and possibly the smartest thing to do. However, with this figure you can engage and not get infected. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like it’s a missed opportunity not to have a pack with every variety of zombie. Get on it Mattel! Why you slacking?!

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Action Figure - Enderman in Package photo

Enderman (again)

I know what I said about the plush, and, honestly, with this I’m getting the same vibe. Long limbs, creepy purple eyes, and all cute! Seriously, I’m both afraid and in love with this guy! Between him and the Ender Dragon, I’m a lost cause, y’all. Good thing I think the End realm is actually kinda pretty…

Action Figure - Ultimate Ender Dragon in Box photo

Ultimate Ender Dragon

So, when I saw this my first question was the following: who gets anxiety and who gets excited? Weird maybe, but hear me out before you judge. I love remembering the first time I experienced something in my favorite fandoms. On one hand, that led me to wonder who gets excited remembering the first time they encountered the Ender Dragon. While on the other hand, I wonder who gets anxious remembering trying to survive this super tough end boss. Just asking, I promise I’m trying to stress anyone out.

Minecraft Lego Sets

Minecraft Lego Sets - The Creeper Mine Box and Contents photo

The Creeper Mine

Mind you, I haven’t seriously touched Legos since I was young, and now I fear stepping on them as years of memes have ruined me. But these Minecraft sets are so impressive, I’m getting a serious case of FOMO. Also look, you get a tiny Steve, Alex in blacksmith gear, and a cow! Yes, I want those. Yes, I am an adult.

Minecraft Lego Sets - The Bee Farm Box and Contents photo

The Bee Farm

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a beekeeper, but a part of me would have hard time trusting them to not swarm me. Certainly, I get you’d have to be trained to deal with them but even then I’d worry. So, this Lego set makes me feel I can live out that thought experiment pretty safely. Finally, I need to call out just how dang cute those bees are, even the angry ones are adorable!

Minecraft Lego Sets - The Fox Lodge Box and Contents photo

The Fox Lodge

I think, out of all the sets, this one is my favorite. I love the Lego foxes, the parent and baby fox especially, but the arctic fox is great too. However, it’s the fact that the lodge is a giant sleeping fox that seals it for me. Pretty amazing, not going to lie. Maybe, I should keep foxes instead of bees. Hmm…

Lego Sets - The Chicken Coop Box and Contents photo

The Chicken Coop

Let me tell you, I’ve experienced many things in life, but I never realized how much I’d enjoy seeing multiple chickens together. That’s probably one of the strangest things to ever come out of my mouth. Not the weirdest but definitely one of the strangest. I shouldn’t be as obsessed with this as I am, but part of my soul says I need it. So, who am I to ignore such an important call?

Lego Sets - The Mushroom House Box and Contents photo

The Mushroom House

When I saw this, I was drawn to two things. First, there’s a Lego Alex in all her Lego glory! Second, there’s a red mooshroom (the little red cow with mushrooms growing on it). Certainly, there are plenty of great parts, like the bucket of milk and the mushroom house. I even really love the spider jockey! But still, mooshroom has my heart. I don’t make the rules.