Best Toys for Older Kids by Age

No matter if they’re tweens, teens, or young adults, this list features the best toys for older kids!

Kid in white shirt playing a Nintendo Switch photo

Hello, all! Every time I return to you, I’m always excited for what I have to share with you. Honestly, it’s hard not to be because just when I think I can’t top the last item, I find something else that catches my eye. Today, we’ll be looking at toys for older kids between the ages of 8 to 18 plus. I’ve separated them by age groups because not all toys rank on the same level, and we don’t want any kids feeling like they’re being babied. You know how some kids can be. However, if you use my list, you’ll have nothing to fear, because there’s a toy here for every older kid no matter what their age!

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So, once again, I hope you all enjoy. Now, let’s get to the list!

Toys for Tweens (8 – 12)

Rainbow High Dolls: Georgia Bloom in Box photo

Rainbow High Dolls: Georgia Bloom

Let’s start our list of toys for older kids with this charming item! See, I lived through the era of Barbie, Bratz, Monster High, and many more. So, every time a fashion doll came out after those, I was always a little bit skeptical about if they’d be able to live up to the hype of my childhood. When Rainbow High stepped onto the scene, I had the same reaction. But as I frequent the doll community, these have really grown on me.

Arcade Indoor Basketball Hoop w Balls and Pump image

Arcade Basketball 

Honesty moment: I have personally never cared for sports. Maybe, because, I take it personally that I wasn’t good at most of them. Unresolved melodrama aside, I’ve always thought one of these would be so cool to own. Especially, if you get it and add it to your family’s personal arcade area. 

Ice Cream Slime Kit Container and Contents photo

Ice Cream Slime Kit

So I have a question, like do you like slime… or do you love it?! Personally, I remember when making slime took off and I too became intrigued. It was marveling how creative slime could be. All my experiences with slime before this were limited to the green slime from Nickelodeon (aka Gak). So, this kit’s quite the step up! 

DIY Build Your Own 12-in-1 Robot Showing all 12 Designs image

DIY Build Your Own Robot

Am I the only one who saw this and thought it was WALL-E? Like, that’s the vibe it’s giving me. And, honestly, with those eyes, can you really blame me? What I love most about this, is how many ways you are able to build the robot, making each build a new experience. 

Jewelry Making Kit Contents and Examples photo

Charm Bracelet Kit

As a girl who grew up in the 2000s, I feel like the appeal of making your own jewelry to show off has never died. I was so jealous of the girls who could make the braided plastic lanyards (still am, tbh). Eventually though, I got my own kit and made my own necklaces and bracelets. So, seeing this really brought back a lot of fond memories. 

Mini Drone for Kids with Remote Control photo

Mini Drone for Kids

A drone made for kids and beginners alike. This tiny drone is small enough to fit in a child’s hand while still being capable of pulling off some neat little tricks. My favorite part is how it’s so compact it folds right into the controller.

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Toys for Teens (13 – 19)

Toys for Older Kids: Nintendo Switch Box photo

Nintendo Switch

Continuing our list of toys for older kids, we have this modern classic! Remember when it seemed like no one could get their hands on one of these bad boys? Even more, how, when Covid hit, it seemed like the entire world got infatuated with Animal Crossing? I admit, I spent way too much time on my island trying to make it perfect. Nobody wants a raggedy looking island! Even now it still feels like it’ll never be perfect, and that haunts me.

Toys for Older Kids: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Two Player Countercade photo

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Countercade

So, I have obsessions with many fandoms. One that’s very personal to my heart is the TMNT franchise. Mind you, I didn’t grow up on the 90s version. My first introduction was the 2003 Series on 4kids which I loved! Now, I’ve seen all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. Seeing this feels like it’s a personal need. My bills, who? 

Monopoly: Avatar The Last Airbender Box and Contents photo

Monopoly: Avatar The Last Airbender

I haven’t played monopoly in so long, but this got me thinking about picking it back up. I get the urge to play these themed Monopoly games cause they’ve put something I like on there. Avatar: The Last Airbender is absolutely one of those shows that had a grip on my soul. Like, I still want to be a water bender to this day; I don’t care! If you guys were a bender what element would you want to control?

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Funkoverse Marvel Strategy Game Box photo

Funkoverse Marvel Strategy Game

Not gonna lie, when I first saw this, I thought they were just a cool bundle pack of Funko Pops. But seeing that it’s an actual game, I am officially curious. Personally, I’m still a little confused on the rules, but I’m totally open to learning. Besides, you could always think of it as a two for one deal. If you don’t like the game, you can keep the adorable Funko figures. Win-win.

Fully Assembled Tanjiro Model Kit photo

Tanjiro Model Kit

I think you can’t go wrong with a good model kit. Especially considering, you always get so many wonderfully different options. As someone who recently got addicted to Demon Slayer, I want to start collecting everything I can—I know, I’m late to the party. While I want it all, this Tanjiro is most definitely at the top of my list!

Polaroid ZINK Digital Camera photo

Polaroid ZINK Digital Camera

For those of you with budding photographers, you can encourage and inspire them by getting them this digital camera. Able to print full color photos that double as stickers, I can just see school lockers and mirrors covered in cherished moments captured on film. Plus, kids can always use the microSD card to upload any of the pics to a computer, so they can keep those memories forever! Don’t forget to snag some extra photo paper!

Toys for Young Adults (16 and up)

Toys for Older Kids: LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Box and Contents photo

LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet

I feel like ever since Infinity War, there’s just some really crucial things that come to my mind. The famous snap of course, but also how cool it’d be to own an infinity gauntlet, and the heart wrenching “Mr. Stark, I Don’t Feel So Good” meme. I don’t care how long it’s been, or that things got better, it’s still too soon! Despite my personal feelings and slight fear of stepping on a Lego, this stunning set has my heart. 

Toys for older Kids: Raspberry Pi 400 All -In -One Box and Contents photo

Raspberry Pi 400 All-in-One

While researching this article, I felt like I’ve seen something like this Raspberry Pi kit before, like a faded memory. It’s bizarre how much this feels so familiar. Maybe, it’s because of the compact keyboard. Like, I remember owning something exactly like this and loving every moment of it. Beyond my strong sense of deja-vu, the fact this comes with it’s own how-to guide is fantastic. You can connect to any monitor, but I recommend this compact 7″ monitor, compatible with all versions of Raspberry Pi.

Toys for Older Kids: Nerf Mandalorian Blaster Box, Contents, and Highlighted Features image

Nerf Mandalorian Blaster

Din Djarin, aka the Mandalorian, is my space boyfriend, there I said it. So, of course I want a highly detailed replica of his iconic weapon. No, it’s not capable of disintegrating anyone, but it does shoot Nerf darts! Probably for the best, I’ll just leave at that. Also, this requires 2 AA batteries, so make sure you pick some up!

Toys for Older Kids: DYI Miniature Diorama Kit photo

DYI Miniature Diorama Kit

For our final item on our list of toys for older kids, I give you this incredible kit. At this point of my life, I’ve been more interested in building stuff more than I ever imagined I could be. As a kid, finishing things like puzzles to see the overall picture felt like a challenge. So, I sped through just to prove I could get it done. But now, there’s something therapeutic about slowing it down and kits like this make me excited! To be clear, this does need to be assembled and requires glue, so be sure to pick up the tools as well as the glue you need to get started!