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Bibliophibian Baby Onesie

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With all the new e-readers out there, reading has become incredibly streamlined. It’s so brilliantly convenient to be able to bring hundreds of books with you on your vacation without having to go over that 50-pound bag limit. That said, there are those of us who remain firmly planted in the paper books camp. Oh, we may have an e-reader of our own, but we also hold onto that dusty first edition of East of Eden, the signed copy of Zeitoun, our favorite childhood reads, and bookshelves on top of bookshelves of garage sale goodies, used bookstore finds, and old editions of newspapers we’ve ferreted away. Sometimes mistaken for hoarders, we are passionate book lovers.

Yes, it can be a dangerous hobby to amass a collection of so many books that you now have bookshelves made out of books. But we are also the ones who know that when you open The Secret Garden the pages actually smell like a Yorkshire flowerbed. We know each dog-eared page, each note written in every margin. We are bibliophibians, a term coined from this comic.

All libraries, even if yours may not be dewy decimal system-ed and shelved, are meant to be places of discovery. You’ve kept these books so your children can stumble upon The Secret Garden’s forest green cover and smell the flowers for themselves. They too can live and breathe the written word.

This cute onesie from Topatoco fits little ones ages 3 to 24 months, and with it, Bibliophibian babes can boast their future love of lit to the world. As an added bonus, everyone who sees said onesie and is thusly aware of your literary passion (some might say problem) will know to worry if they haven’t seen you in a few weeks. Remembering the sweet but informative onesie, they will immediately dispatch a spelunking rescue crew to come dig you and your family out of whatever pile of Chaucer and Seuss you’re buried in. So, in reality, buying this adorable addition to your baby’s wardrobe is just a practical safety measure that should be taken by all true bibliophibians.

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