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Big Bang Rocket Light-Up Edition

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Eventually, your kids are going to have to learn about gravity – Newton’s laws and all that – and there’s a few different ways you can go about this lesson:  tell them the story of Newton sitting under the apple tree, or you could show them a video of Commander David Scott dropping a hammer and a feather on the moon or… LOOK HERE IS A LIGHT-UP ROCKET THAT GOES *BANG* WHEN IT LANDS!

Here’s how it works: put a piece of newspaper across the tube of the toy, put the cap on, and throw it in the air.  Simple!  To be pedantic: no, it is not actually a rocket, but a rocket-shaped throwing toy – don’t let that detail get in the way as you watch the dazzling light display as the toy goes up, and enjoy a satisfying *BANG* when it comes down.  The lights are especially vibrant at night, naturally, and the rocket stays lit for a full minute after impact, so it’s difficult to lose it in the dark.

What do we learn from all this?  Newton’s second law of motion as exemplified by gravity, the concept of an equilibrium position (objects fall heavy side down), the effects of atmospheric pressure in a closed column, and for $19.95 you can tire your kids out before bed with SCIENCE!

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