“Big Bang” Style for the Tiny Nerds in Your Life


If you threw a Comic-con into a blender and added scientific postulates and a dash of pop art, you’d have a Big Bang Theory smoothie. Sprinkle a bit of clever comedic writing on top, and you’ve got yourself a show that even your computer-illiterate grandparents can enjoy. Sorry hipster nerds, geek culture isn’t quite the secret club it used to be, and you can thank Big Bang for dragging the nerdiverse into the limelight. The show’s four nerdy main characters and their endearingly air-headed neighbor have made it painfully cool to be a geek.


For us nerdy families, recent Big Bang-inspired fashion trends have made the world feel like a geek culture utopia. The time has finally come to dress your whole pack in geek chic and deck out your house and playroom with décor and toys that emulate The Big Bang Theory’s colorful nerd-mod motif.

Pick your favorite Big Bang character to use as inspiration, grab a few items for your little one, and watch your friends turn Green Lantern with envy.



Sheldon is the most socially awkward of the bunch, and that’s saying quite a bit. Even though it’s been said that “he is one lab accident away from becoming a supervillain,” Sheldon has become a crowd favorite (in no small part due to his retro-nerd apparel).

This 73 Shirt will make your kid as idiosyncratic as Sheldon, since according to him, “The best number is 73 …73 is the 21st-first prime number. Its mirror, 37, is the 12fth and its mirror, 21, is the product of multiplying (hang on to your hats) 7 and 3. In binary, 73 is a palindrome: 1-0-0-1-0-0-1, which backwards is 1-0-0-1-0-0-1.”

Deck out your kids in Sheldon’s nerdy shirts, but don’t forget the littlest members of your family. You can Sheldon-ize them too with this sweet retro robot onesie. Every geek knows there’s nothing better than a robot.



Just as Leonard‘s character bridges the gap between academia and the real world, his clothing and apartment décor show how mainstream culture and the science-nerd universe need not be mutually exclusive.

For example, a spike in periodic table shower curtain sales was the direct result of their appearance on the show. We’re pretty sure your little geeks aren’t interested in shower curtains, but luckily for you, the image now comes on a pacifier, so your family will enjoy a little peace and quiet while they marvel at the graphical brilliance of the periodic table of the elements. Add in this great molecule building set, and your kids’ rooms will start to look an awful lot like Leonard’s apartment.

To get Leonard’s down-to-earth vintage geek look, your mini experimental physicist is going to need a pair of All-Star Converse sneakers. If your littlest ones aren’t quite ready for big-kid shoes, they can still be as brilliant and grounded as Leonard is in his or her handmade organic recycle onesie.


The Big Bang Theory, Season Three

Even though he still lives with his mom, you gotta give Howard credit for his snappy style. If you catch someone wearing a big nerdy belt buckle with a retro button-down shirt and colorful skinny jeans, it’s probably safe to chalk it up to Howard’s influence.

Howard even looks great as the Flash on Halloween. Unfortunately, so do three other nerds, who all showed up in the same exact fake-muscled Flash outfit. You can make your kid look just as adorably nerdy as they did in their flash costumes with this kid’s version. Your kid dashes around the house at lightning speed anyway, so why not make him look the part?



Just because Raj can’t talk to girls because of his selective mutism, it doesn’t mean he can’t be the life of the party. If Raj is your family’s favorite, emulating his retro-nerd style is easy. Just combine tracksuit jackets with delightfully nerdy sweater vests, and your kids will be on their way to taking social awkwardness to a whole new level of cool.

Just like the rest of the guys, Raj is a big Jenga fan. In one of the episodes, they were caught playing this fun Donkey Kong version of Jenga. Another piece that would certainly delight Raj is this telescope (he is an astrophysicist, after all). Raj’s all-time favorite toy, however, has to be his Stan Lee-autographed Hulk hands (which he later gives to Sheldon — see above).



Penny may be different from the guys, but she provides the connection to the real world that her geeky neighbors often desperately need. She may seem a little ditzy, but don’t let that fool you. She can be surprisingly smart. She can even beat Leonard at chess.

If you want to decorate your geeky girl’s space to look just like Penny’s adorable apartment, all it will take is a few paper lanterns and mod-looking chairs. You may be a little concerned if your little girl wants to dress like Penny, but she can channel Penny’s innocent side with these great striped socks or pink sandals. Penny would also love this soft kitty backpack, which would surely remind her of the song she sings to Sheldon when he’s not feeling well.

Being nerdy is all about liking what you like despite what others may think, and that is one of the best parts of The Big Bang Theory’s popularity. All of us can appreciate the message that being our own nerdy selves can be pretty frakkin’ cool.

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