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Big Brain Plush Toy

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Scientists may still be trying to work out all the nuances of the brain, but kids can already see exactly how cute and cuddly it can be when you put little eyes and a bright smile on it. I Heart Guts has created an entire series of plush organs for children, but the Big Brain Plush is the central hub of the set. Without it, none of the other adorable plush organs could work!

This extra-soft brain comes in royal blue, and measures 11” x 9” x 5”. The choice for going with polyester quilting has a bit of extra meaning to it, since it emulates the brain’s wrinkles, which signify knowledge. Speaking of knowledge, the tag on the end of this Brain Plush has information about what bodily functions the brain is responsible for, so you can teach your child the importance of the organ he or she is cuddling. How many plush toys can claim to also be learning tools?

Add a little bit of brain power to your child’s plush collection with the Big Brain. If you like it, there’s also plenty other organ plushies for your child to learn about, and explore the rest of the bodies we all inhabit.

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