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Big World Map

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One of the quickest ways to convince others that your education is lacking is to prove your ignorance of basic geography. Whether it’s finding your hometown on a map or naming the seven continents, everyone should have a good grasp on where they are in the world. As adults, we often take this information for granted. Of course everyone knows there are seven continents, or that Egypt is in Africa (at least we hope), but for children, this can seem like a daunting list of names and facts to memorize. And every kid will tell you that there are so many more exciting things to be doing.

Give your kids a leg up on geography by turning the world map into a game (and a kick-ass piece of wall art). The Big World Map from FAO Schwarz makes geography fun as your nerdlings identify over 60 continents, countries, bodies of water and animals on this large 47-inch by 71-inch felt map. Hang the map on the wall of your home and hand your kids the game pieces and ask them to attach them to the appropriate place. Each piece is backed with a sturdy hook and loop mesh so it will stick easily to the felt map. Don’t worry, it comes with an answer sheet just in case you’re feeling a little shaky on your own geographical knowledge.

The Big World Map also comes with a blank piece that you can write on to use for your own hometown, and the map’s simple design makes it easy to build your own pieces with materials from your local craft store. It also comes with a convenient pocket to store all the pieces, making cleanup a cinch.

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