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Bildopolis Big Bilder Kit

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Okay, I know we’ve had some great products that have acted as potential makeshift indoor forts before, and while they were great, I can honestly say that none of them were as awesome as what you’re looking at right now. The Big Bilder kit from Bildopolis is amazing. If your kids are excited by creating castles in your house with their chairs, blankets, and pillows, this free-form construction kit that allows your family to build whatever kind of structure they can dream up is going to blow their minds.

The forts your children can create are limited only by their imagination (and your combined architectural ability, of course). The basic squares connect to form individual cubed rooms, which in turn connect to other cubes to form either larger rooms, or passageways between spaces. Construct towers that connect to each other, build a house, put together a rocket, or design a maze. If these and more options aren’t grand enough for your kids’ imaginations, additional kits allow your family to create massive and elaborate buildings, and add windows and doors to whatever you create together.

The base kit comes with 26 Building Boards and everything you and your kids need to get going.

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